Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wing Factory

I went to the Wing Factory off of Roswell Road on Monday with Brittany. I ordered a dozen Hot Honey BBQ Wings (my favorite), but they were nice enough to bring me 14. Unfortunately, the waiter was new and brought me regular Honey BBQ Wings instead. No matter, they were still very good. All of them were meaty and I liked their flavor a lot, its just a shame that I didn't get to try them as hot as I wanted. I will have to go back there and try more of their Wings because they were very good.

Of course Brittany had to take a page from Jen Teems' book and ordered a vegetarian item... the Veggie Wrap or some gay shit like that.

I was thinking of declaring her "Dead to Me" also, but she finally had a Wing later on in the afternoon.



Phred Barnet

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