Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wild Wing

As I posted earlier, a bunch of friends met for Wings at Wild Wing in Alpharetta on Friday night. After waiting about AN HOUR for a table, we were finally seated. Wild Wing has a huge selection of Wings and I found it hard to decide which Wings I would be eating. I ordered 12 Wings, half of them Red Dragon Wings (a sort of teriyaki), and Half of them Gold Rush (Honey BBQ). The Gold Rush Wings were a suggestion of Drew French, and I am a fan of Honey BBQ Wings in general so I knew they would be good.

My 12 Wings came and looked delicious. I am sad to report that there were a few stragglers in the bunch, but they still looked good (and none were nearly as small as the infamous Wings from Harry's). I think I may have been better off ordering 16 Wings instead of 12 so I will probably do this next time. Here are some pictures of several people's Wings (mine first of course):

Group picture. Notice the sweet hat once again:

Wild Wing rates the spiciness of their Wings by placing peppers next to the name of the Wing. The Wings have anywhere from 1-5 peppers next to them. There was one special Wing called "Braveheart" (named after a movie about a Scottish terrorist) that did not have any peppers next to it, it only had a small drawing of an explosion indicating that it was hot as hell. I asked the waitress to smuggle one of the Braveheart Wings into Roger's (the guy with the red hat) Wings. I figured that it would be funny as hell for Roger to be surprised by a fire in his mouth. I like to mess with Roger because... well, because he's Roger. Unfortunately, the waitress brought him the Wing on a separate plate and ruined the element of surprise. It would have been funny as shit to have Roger randomly eat one of the Wings and breathing flames.

Oh well. He still ate the Wing.
Roger you are such a good sport man. Too bad that you would pay for this mistake for at least 20 minutes.


Natalie French did not order Wings. She ordered a salad! And the salad didn't even have Chicken Wings in it. She than had the AUDACITY to ask me if I had been eating boneless Wings this month. I guess she realized her erroneous ways, as she was too ashamed to show her face after making that comment and she even hid her shame behind her husband.

The Boneyard. If you are a vegetarian, this may make you cry. I hope if makes you die. Oh, and if I ever find out who left that much meat on the Wing in the left bucket on the bottom left, you are fucking dead to me.


Phred Barnet

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Dude it sucks that i missed that for sleep meh such is life damnit