Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Taco Mac

Damn, I'm far behind. I went to Hooters Sunday night with Ben, Squeak, and Emily. We were 2nd of the waiting list. 35 minutes later, we were still 2nd on the waiting list so we left and went over to Taco Mac on Holcomb Bridge Road. I ordered 9 Wings, Three Mile Island style and had them bring me one of their "Death" Wings. I liked their Wings. They had a nice peppery flavor to them and quite a good amount of kick. The Death Wings were hot as shit and had me breathing fire for sure. In this picture, I was actually making this face at the flash, but it would be a lot funnier to pretend it was from the hotness of the Wings.

Not only were the Wings good, but the price was right too. Y'all know that the only thing I love more than Wings is America, so imagine how pleased I was when they brought me the bill.


Phred Barnet

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