Friday, January 19, 2007

Sticky Fingers

I only got to sleep for three hours yesterday. When you work at night and you have errands to do, you have to sacrifice your sleep. I had to sacrifice dinner last night for an extra 30 minutes of sleep, so the only Wings I had until today were the 6 I had for "breakfast" yesterday morning. I was hungrier than a muthafucker this morning and I only had 3 Wings in the apartment so I decided to fry up some of my own. I grabbed 8 of the Wingettes and put them on the stove. Remember, these Wingettes are huge so 8 is a lot.

This morning, I cooked with a sauce called "Sticky Fingers Habanero Hot BBQ Sauce." The bottle was really generic looking, but I figured that since I was buying a bunch of different sauces, it would be nice to try something like that. I think I fried the Wings perfectly. They were cooked nice and golden brown to perfection, very juicy and not at all burnt. But, the real story here is the sauce. I did not have high expectations for this sauce, and I almost did not buy it.

That would have been a tragedy.

I like my foods spicy, but I do not have a super high tolerance for spice, so when I say that the Wings were not very hot, you should believe me. They did have some spice to them and a delicious flavor, but did not bring me to tears or anything from the spiciness.

The tears that I had were the tears one cries when he cooks a damn good batch of Wings. Tears of intense happiness. Tears of joy. These Wings were so damn good that I ate all 8 of them in what had to be record time, stopping only to lick the delicious sauce off of my fingers.

Easily the best Wings that I have cooked so far. I think I'll cook up another batch the same way tonight.


Phred Barnet

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Brad said...

I'm goin out to buy "sticky fingers" tonight. I also like that tiny bit of spice!