Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ranch Or Blue Cheese... Or Other?

A debate has consumed the Chicken Wing eating community since the invention of the Chicken Wing (more on that in another post) over what if any dipping sauce is most appropriate and tasty with Chicken Wings.

Some say Ranch. This is that camp to which I belong. I enjoy the taste of creamy Ranch dressing coating my Chicken Wings, especially Wings with a kick to them. I find that Ranch adds a zesty kick to an already flavorful Wing, and can actually positively mask the taste of an inferior one.

Others say Blue Cheese. Personally, I like Blue Cheese dressing, but not on my Wings. I just don't feel like the texture fits right with Wings.

Some say... ketchup? I was having the Ranch/Blue Cheese debate with a coworker, Jeff when another coworker, Tim interrupted and said "I don't know whay y'all are always talking about Ranch and Blue Cheese... the only way to go is ketchup." Both Jeff and I were shocked, as we had never heard anything like that before. I have yet to try it, but I promised Tim that I would.

Feel free to let me and the Wing eating world know your opinion on this debate. Do you prefer Ranch, Blue Cheese, ketchup, or even some other sauce.


Phred Barnet


Travis said...

Blue Cheese.

Ketchup sounds disgusting. Like when I hear about Europeans eating their fries with mayonnaise. Condiment sacrilege if you ask me.

Fred_Wings_It said...

hahaha. i wonder if mayo would be good on Wings?