Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The King Of Wings?

As I said in my last post, I went to Publix yesterday to purchase Wing fixin's. I bought all kinds of spices and also got a Chicken fryer. While there, I saw a ton of different kinds of Wings sauces so I decided that it might be fun to buy a bunch of different ones and try them out. They also had several different brands of frozen Chicken Wings. They were all the same so I figured that it didn't really matter what kind I bought... until I saw the brand called "Wingettes" which I just had to buy because of the similarity to Wing It. The Wings are some of the biggest Chicken Wings I have ever seen! I'm talking huge.

Tuesday morning, I awoke craving Chicken Wings after a night of inebriation which involved way too many free drinks at a bar served to me by a well known Atlanta athlete who for some reason was working at the bar we went to. Anyways, I decided to fry up some Chicken Wings and try out one of the new Wing sauces. We picked the Budweiser Wing sauce, and I started frying up the Wings. When they were nice and fried, I covered them with the sauce.

I'm not much of a cook. I can really only cook Spagettio's (microwave for 2:32), so I was really surprised how good these Wings turned out. I know that cooking Chicken Wings is a simple act of frying, but I did it nearly as perfect as possible. It seems that I have been blessed with both an intense love for Chicken Wings and an ability to cook them amazingly. The sauce was actually pretty good, in fact it was better than I expected. It had a fairly common Buffalo style flavor, but it also had a nice and zesty tangy taste to it that made the Wings really good. Budweiser can now say that they can dominate your Sundays, between their fine beers and their delicious Wing sauce.



Phred Barnet

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Jeffrey said...

I would say you are the king of wings
your going a whole month eating them and now your wings rock to...yeah, your THE KING OF CHICkEN WINGS.