Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Harold And Kumar Eat Chicken Wings

Wow that was an ordeal! I was supposed to meet my friend Jason Riddle for a lunch of Chicken Wings today. He found a place called Bleachers located off I-285, got directions online and we set off to enjoy some hopefully tasty Wings. Well, when I got off the highway and started looking for the restaurant, I could not find the damn place. Riddle ended up calling me and saying that he was driving around unable to find it either. We met in a parking lot and agreed to go up to the nearest major street and try to find a place... some might say that we decided to "Wing it." We drove around forever and ever and somehow we didn't see one Wing serving establishment.

This is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. We live in the South, where Chicken Wings and Wing restaurants are abundant. Yet somehow, we were absolutely unable to find a place. We drove up and down several major streets, wasting nearly all of Jason's free time. Eventually we had to just cut our search off and go to the nearest Kroger. They have pretty good Wings and so I purchased 6 of them. I got 2 Hot Wings, 2 Mardi Gras Wings, and two of the baked Wings. I was not a fan of the Mardi Gras Wings. They were supposed to be hot and really good (according to the Wing dude who convinced me to buy them) but I really did not enjoy them. The baked Wings were all right and I would be willing to try them again. The Hot Wings were really good though. I found them to be big, flavorful and meaty.

I'm just glad that we were finally able to find a place to get decent Wings after looking for way way too long.



Phred Barnet

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