Saturday, January 20, 2007

Friends.... and Squeak

I went to high school with Mike Elmer who has been excitedly following the Chicken Wing Project from day 1. A few weeks back, I asked Mike to do a song for the Chicken Wing Project soundtrack. But now, since I have almost no usable video, I am fearing that a soundtrack would be pointless. I'm not sure if Mike has completed a track or not, but I'm sure it would have been great. Check out his myspace page here and listen to his funky sound:

Patrick Craig is the one who talked me into the Chicken Wing project. After eating Blind Pig Wings in Athens with Brad Binion one morning, I was telling Patrick how I much I love Wings and things just got carried away. The conversation went something like this:

Fred: I love Chicken Wings so much that I could eat them every day.
Patrick: Well, why don't you?
Fred: I don't know, but I love them so much that I could
Patrick: Well, then you should
Fred: Maybe I will
Patrick: Do it!
Fred: Fine. I will. In January of next year, I will eat nothing but Chicken Wings!

--and I have so far!

A friend pointed out to me that if Patrick and I ever became really good friends and started hanging out a lot, we would both be dead in a month... that sounds like a challenge for next year.

Mike "Squeak" Alexander is jealous. I have mentioned his roommates Greg and Fletch several times each on this blog, but I have failed to mention him. Squeak is a resident of the house where I had those homemade Wings. This is the same house where I went on New Years and had most of the first Wings of 2007 (minus the 1 I ate at Drew's house the night before). Squeak has sent me several emails asking me to mention him in my blog. I received a particularly rude message from him the other day:

"Dude. You still haven't given me a shoutout by name in your blog for my incredible chicken wings that you consumed at my house. I thought we were friends. Now I see how our relationship is. You, Fred Barnett, are dead to me.

Mike Alexander"

Squeak-- I'm sorry. I didn't know that my failure to mention you by name would have such drastic effects on our now former friendship. I would like to extend the olive branch to you and invite you to eat Wings with me sometime this coming week.

Oh, and by the way for Squeak and all the others who insist on continually spelling my name wrong, it is BARNET, not Barnett. I only have 1 "T" because, come on, the sound is already made so what is the point of putting another "T" in there. Plus, I am trying to save you time by saving you that extra keystroke/penstroke involved in adding another "T."

Phred Barnet


Greg said...

I caught Squeak crying the other day because you hadn't mentioned him yet.

Phil said...

I wonder incessantly about what you'll do when all of this is over? Where will you go? Who will you be? What will you eat? How will you carry on? Soon you will no longer be serenaded by the thunderous applause of a world enamored by the ways in which you tactfully cook delicious chicken wings and then you strip them bare in guttonous delight. What is next? Will you climb Everest? Eradicate global poverty? Save the planet? Eat 10,000 ribs? We're all counting on you, Phred; don't stop "winging it" when January saddly passes on.
-The Good Comrade

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