Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fred Wings It In Mississippi

I am off to Tunica, Mississippi for a few days for our annual MLK weekend of drinking and gambling. I have prepared a couple of posts which I will ty to post this weekend from my cell phone while in Mississippi. If not, check back Monday for a massive update, including an update of the Wings eaten there. Don't be surprised if the count after Tunica is not exact, as beer affects/effects (I think its effects) the memory.

Phred Barnet


Julia said...

Fred, hope your Tunica weekend rocked and you made enough money to support your wing habit. I'm missing you and wishing I too could eat wings with you to support you in your mission. I will be ordering wings soon and will be thinking of you with every delicious bite I take. Wish we had webcams so we could do it together...


homerthedwarf said...

my only grammer correction ever, affects