Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Chicken Wings But A Florida Victory... I Guess You Can't Have It All

I was planning on cooking my own Wings last night. I really was. I even went to Publix and bought all kinds of shit to cook with, but then Kevin (my occasional roomate) randomly showed up at the apartment and said that we should go out for Wings and watch the national championship game somewhere. We decided to go to the 285 Line, a sports bar that is just around the corner from my apartment.

Before January, I had declared their Wings to be my favorite Atlanta Wings. In fact, one time me, Tyler, Julia, and a passed out Homer won a contest at the 285 Line for 50 free Wings and 24 free beers... probably the greatest contest in the history of contests.

I usually like really spicy foods, but their Hot Wings are extremely hot. Almost too hot, and I won't even order their hottest Wings, and they make me cry. Kevin and I ordered the Hot Honey BBQ Wings which we have both tried several times in the past. The Wings took FOREVER to come. Seriously it was damn near an hour. They were really good, and were mostly drums (which I prefer), however, they had no kick to them at all. Usually their Hot Honey BBQ Wings have a little heat to them, but not last night. The Wings were nice and crispy though with a good size on most of them, although there were a few stragglers. Still, I have had much better Wings there so I have to say I was a little disappointed that they were not up to their usual awesomeness.



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