Monday, January 8, 2007

The Chicken Wing Project Gets International Recognition!!!

After Googling the Chicken Wing Project earlier, I found this site. Look when you see this because apparently it updates and I will soon be pushed off, but I was mentioned on there twice.

"This projet sounds insanely insane yet awesome!!! Should I do not have to cook, I would not mind havin chicken wings all-day-long."


"I also found a web site of a guy in the States who determined to eat nothing but chicken wings in January 2007! (Which means starting from today!) His methodology and aim is kinda similar to Supersize Me’s - but Fred (the chicken wing guy) will take supplementary vitamins to keep up with a “balanced” diet. Now I am super hungry and craving for chicken wings, damn!"

These things were written by Janice Lo who is originally from Hong Kong but now lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Thanks for the international support! You can find her blog here:

Phred Barnet

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