Monday, January 8, 2007

Breakfast or Dinner... Part 3

From Ben Allen:
"The morning just has a different feel to it regardless of whether or not you have slept. Like I said, chicken wings at 7:45 in the morning in your time zone constitute breakfast wings. If you stay up binge drinking all night long and hit up a nice meal at Waffle House, is it not still breakfast?"

Good point Ben, however first let me correct you. You said "IF you stay up all night long and hit up a nice meal at waffle house..." I think you meant WHEN this happens, because it seems to happen a lot with our crowd. Neverthenontheless, when we do this, we do it one (or two...fine, maybe even 3) times in a week, but the Dracula schedule is a constant daily thing for me. I am on this schedule pretty much all the time. This has caused me problems for example: if i am lucky enough to sleep from 9-5 which rarely happens, when I meet B.A. and Riddle for trivia at 8pm and have a beer, this has the same feel as drinking at noon (see My Life, 2003-2005), it does not feel like it did to have a beer at 8pm when I kept hours that were closer to normal. It doesn't feel weird to eat Chicken Wings at 745am, but it was hella strange meeting Brittany for "lunch" at 3pm... I felt like I should have been ordering an omelet instead.

My solution is this: quit your day job (since none of your friends seem to want your services anyways) and become a "night mortgage broker" so that you can see things through the eyes of the unfortunate people like me.

Does anyone else have any opinions on this topic? This blog somehow gets a lot of hits and it would be nice to hear from more than just a few of yall. Click the link where it shows the number of comments and you can post a response.

Phred Barnet


Ben said...

don't beg for comments fred. you're better than that.

if you eat chickens wings, they will come.

Fred_Wings_It said...

im not begging, im just wondering how with over 800 hits on this blog there have been only about 10 comments

Feech Lamanna said...

Counterpoint: some people choose to cook eggs/bacon/pancakes/etc. at night, calling it "Breakfast for Dinner." This suggests that certain foods are traditonally associated with "breakfast" and others that are traditionally associated with lunch/dinner. This line of reasoning would not consider Chicken Wings at 8:00am "Breakfast."

Personally, I think it is stupid, but I thought I'd just toss that nugget out there.

For real: Fred, you can only eat Chicken Wings for an entire month. That means no matter what the hell you call your meal, it's still Chicken Wings. If you were on a normal schedule (where you sleep at night) and woke up in the morning and were hungry and had to eat some wings would you call that breakfast?