Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Best Wings Ever

Ok. Sorry, but I am just now starting to feel normal enough to write again. You can expect a couple of updates today as I try to catch up on all the Wings I ate since last Thursday.

On the way to Tunica, we made a stop in Birmingham, Alabama to eat at my buddy Chris' uncle's restaurant, Demetri's. Chris told me that the restaurant was a BBQ restaurant, and he wasn't sure if they had Chicken Wings. We decided to go there either way and that if they had no Wings, I would just find a random place that served Wings and get some there. Well, I was in for a surprise. Right in the middle of the menu were the words "Hickory Wings." I ordered them, and they brought me a nice order of 10 Wings (although it may have actually been 12... my memory is a little hazy).

The Wings looked glorious and came with an unusual looking orange colored sauce. Well, my first bite delicious. Simply put, the Wings were heavenly. They tasted more like some BBQ ribs than like Chicken Wings. The meat was so tender that it just literally fell off the bone when you tried to eat it. There was so much flavor in the Wings too. They were incredible, and all along I kept exclaiming my praise for these Wings. I haven't enjoyed/raved about a food since the infamous "they let me dip it in the butter" incident of 2003.

And that unusual sauce? It was delicious. I wish I had the recipe so that I could make some at home. I tried the sauce on a Wing, then ate my second Wing with ranch (which is my preferred sauce), and then ate all of the rest of them with the sauce served by the restaurant.

When I complimented Chris' uncle on the Wings, he told me "most restaurants just thaw out some frozen Wings and add their sauce. Not us. Cooking Wings is a 24 hour process for us."

I was very, very impressed. The sign out front wasn't lying.

Phred Barnet

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Feech Lamanna said...

"Dude, if you go down to that tent down there, they have this whole tray of butter! And they let you use as much as you want!"