Tuesday, January 23, 2007

An Affront To Democracy

Harry's Pizza and Subs is the place closest to me that sells Wings. They are located right across the street from my apartment and right next to this building which seems out of place in Atlanta, Georgia. I pass by Harry's every day and notice the sign out front that reads "Voted Best Wings." I decided to grab some of their Wings on Sunday afternoon.

What a disappointment.

Every single Wing in the order was a straggler. They were the smallest Wings I have ever been sold, and I would even call them "popcorn Wings." I ordered the Jamaican Jerk Wings and the flavor was just ok, nothing really good or bad, but i could not get over the size of the Wings. Don't believe me? Here are pictures of a Wing and a Drum from Harry's next to a AAA battery.

There was no way that Harry's was voted best Wings unless it was done by their kitchen staff, most of whom are not legally eligible to vote in the US.



Phred Barnet


Ballen12 said...

Fred. Those wings are as soft as Homer. When are we gonna hit up some Wild West/Gold Rush wings from Wild Wing. Times-a-runnin out.

Travis said...

Behold, the AAA battery! The ultimate yardstick of food size! That pic made me laugh.

Anyway, I had some wings delivered by this place called Wingnuts over the weekend, they were pretty good. Your blog inspired me. :)