Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Tired of writing about Wings. The rest of the month's Wings:

Monday night: Cooked Wings in the oven according to my dad's recipe. He recommended grilling them, but its fucking cold outside, so I broiled them. I used Frank's Wings Sauce which was actually the sauce that was used to make the original Buffalo Wings. These Wings turned out to be the most tender Wings I have made and of course the flavor was great. Next time, I will have to grill them. I thought I had eaten Wings earlier in the day too, but I didn't cook any and I didn't remember going anywhere to get them, and when I checked my notes, there was nothing from early Monday, so I'm pretty sure that on Monday I only had 9 Wings.

Tuesday Morning: Went to Blind Pig after another Athens Sparks party. Sorry there are no sweet pictures this time, but A-Mac and Jen banned me from using my camera in their presence. I came to the realization that eating only Wings after a night of drinking causes a stomach ache. I guess the only good thing about my night schedule was that it kept me from drinking for most of the month and kept my stomach feeling great most of the time. 10 Wings

Tuesday Night: Wings at Frankie's again. This time I remembered my ID. 12 Wings

Wednesday: Was dead tired and went to bed right after work without eating. Woke up and got cholesterol tested and I will post the results when I get them. In the same shopping center as the blood test center was a place called "J Wings and More." They split up the Wings I ordered into 3rds, 1/3 Hot Ranch, 1/3 Honey BBQ, and 1/3 911. The Wings were really good and were the best restaurant Wings I have had in a while. I really liked the Hot Ranch and the 911 Wings (which were really hot). I will definitely be going back there soon! J Wings and More is located next to Best Buy on South Cobb Parkway. 12 Wings


Now I can get one of those Sweet Hats that they sell at the mall with the 404 area code on them!

Phred Barnet

Taco Mac

Damn, I'm far behind. I went to Hooters Sunday night with Ben, Squeak, and Emily. We were 2nd of the waiting list. 35 minutes later, we were still 2nd on the waiting list so we left and went over to Taco Mac on Holcomb Bridge Road. I ordered 9 Wings, Three Mile Island style and had them bring me one of their "Death" Wings. I liked their Wings. They had a nice peppery flavor to them and quite a good amount of kick. The Death Wings were hot as shit and had me breathing fire for sure. In this picture, I was actually making this face at the flash, but it would be a lot funnier to pretend it was from the hotness of the Wings.

Not only were the Wings good, but the price was right too. Y'all know that the only thing I love more than Wings is America, so imagine how pleased I was when they brought me the bill.


Phred Barnet

Monday, January 29, 2007


I hadn't had fast food for almost an entire month and I really didn't feel like cooking or ordering in yesterday afternoon. I had just seen an ad on tv for Popeyes Cajun Wings and decided to give them a try. I have never actually been to Popeyes, but I had heard good things.

I ordered 6 of the Wings because I didn't think that I would want to eat 12 of the deep fried breaded Wings that they had. As it turned out, I didn't even want to finish the 6 that I ordered. They were some of the worst Wings I have eaten all month long. There wasn't much flavor in them at all and the flavor that was there was not good. The only thing that even allowed me to finish them was dipping them into the Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero Sauce which was able to mask the bad tastes of the Wings.


Phred Barnet

Sunday, January 28, 2007


I had 16 Wings on Saturday. They all could only be described as "meh."

In the morning, I cooked 8 Wings with a sauce I bought at Publix called Loose Lip Larry's. The sauce was a generic BBQ sauce that was not very good. The flavor was bland. Nothing special.

At night, I cooked 8 more Wings using Sticky Fingers' Sweet Carolina sauce. See above for details on taste, except add the word sweet between generic and BBQ.

I have decided that the only Sticky Fingers sauce worth using is the Hot Habanero sauce which is damn good. Other than that, I say "meh."


Phred Barnet

Wild Wing

As I posted earlier, a bunch of friends met for Wings at Wild Wing in Alpharetta on Friday night. After waiting about AN HOUR for a table, we were finally seated. Wild Wing has a huge selection of Wings and I found it hard to decide which Wings I would be eating. I ordered 12 Wings, half of them Red Dragon Wings (a sort of teriyaki), and Half of them Gold Rush (Honey BBQ). The Gold Rush Wings were a suggestion of Drew French, and I am a fan of Honey BBQ Wings in general so I knew they would be good.

My 12 Wings came and looked delicious. I am sad to report that there were a few stragglers in the bunch, but they still looked good (and none were nearly as small as the infamous Wings from Harry's). I think I may have been better off ordering 16 Wings instead of 12 so I will probably do this next time. Here are some pictures of several people's Wings (mine first of course):

Group picture. Notice the sweet hat once again:

Wild Wing rates the spiciness of their Wings by placing peppers next to the name of the Wing. The Wings have anywhere from 1-5 peppers next to them. There was one special Wing called "Braveheart" (named after a movie about a Scottish terrorist) that did not have any peppers next to it, it only had a small drawing of an explosion indicating that it was hot as hell. I asked the waitress to smuggle one of the Braveheart Wings into Roger's (the guy with the red hat) Wings. I figured that it would be funny as hell for Roger to be surprised by a fire in his mouth. I like to mess with Roger because... well, because he's Roger. Unfortunately, the waitress brought him the Wing on a separate plate and ruined the element of surprise. It would have been funny as shit to have Roger randomly eat one of the Wings and breathing flames.

Oh well. He still ate the Wing.
Roger you are such a good sport man. Too bad that you would pay for this mistake for at least 20 minutes.


Natalie French did not order Wings. She ordered a salad! And the salad didn't even have Chicken Wings in it. She than had the AUDACITY to ask me if I had been eating boneless Wings this month. I guess she realized her erroneous ways, as she was too ashamed to show her face after making that comment and she even hid her shame behind her husband.

The Boneyard. If you are a vegetarian, this may make you cry. I hope if makes you die. Oh, and if I ever find out who left that much meat on the Wing in the left bucket on the bottom left, you are fucking dead to me.


Phred Barnet

Texas Pete Again

Friday morning I cooked Wings using the Texas Pete Wing sauce again. I really like this sauce and it is one of the best ones that I have tried on my homemade Wings. It has just the right amount of kick so that the Wings are hot, but not scorching or uncomfortable.


Phred Barnet

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Chicken Wing Project Goes to Wild Wing

Join me at The Wild Wing Cafe in Alpharetta, Georgia for Chicken Wings at Wild Wings. A bunch of people have told me that it would be a shame if I went the whole month without eating Wings at Wild Wing. I haven't been to a Wild Wing since I lived in Athens, so this will definitely be a worthwhile experience. We will be eating there at 6:30 PM tomorrow (Freday--Friday is how most of you say it).

Please come and Wing it with me. If you plan on coming, lemme know either by email or by phone so I have an idea of how many people will be there.

If you are lucky, you just might get an autograph.

Wild Wing is located at
5530 Windward Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30004

Phred Barnet

Publix Wings

I went to the Publix to get more Wingettes tonight, but I knew that I would not have enough time to cook them before work, so I picked up 9 Wings from the deli there. I got 6 Sweet and Sour Wings and 3 Hot Wings. The Sweet and Sour were less than average but the Hot Wings were pretty good. I wouldn't really recommend these Wings to anyone unless they are in a hurry and really hungry.


Phred Barnet

Wing Grab Bag

I heated up 4 Wings in the oven this morning. I was dead tired from working for way too long last night and did not feel like going to the store. I had 2 Wings from Wing Factory and 2 from Wings Zone in the refrigerator. I threw them in the oven and ate the fuck out of them. I only wish I had more Wings because I was starving.

I like oven Wings and don't mind reheating them.

Wings Eaten So Far: 300

Phred Barnet

285 Line Wings Again

I went back to the 285 Line for Chicken Wings last night. The Line is the closest Wing place to my apartment besides Harry's. Last time I went there, my Wings were just OK, but that was on the night of the National Championship so I figured that it was because of the fact that there were tons of dudes in there eating Wings. Usually the Line is one of my favorite places to eat Wings.

I ordered an order (10) of the Hot Honey BBQ Wings and this time they were very good. I am glad that the Wings were back to their usual awesomeness because I was worried that one of my favorite Wings places in Atlanta was no longer good.


Phred Barnet

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wing Zone In The Oven

Had 7 more of the Wing Zone Hot Thai Chili Wing for breakfast/dinner this morning. They were just as tasty as yesterday.

I am now caught up on my Wings. Sorry the posts keep getting harder, but I am now finding it difficult to describe the same food over and over again.

Sorry that my posts are all starting to look like this:

Yesterday for ________ I went to _________ on _____ with ________ and _______. I ordered ___ of the _______ Wings. They were ________. One thing I liked/didn't like was __________. I would/wouldn't recommend these Wings.

Wings Eaten So Far: 286

Phred Barnet


Went to Frankie's again. Ordered Wings again. Half Hot and half Carolina BBQ. I only ate 10 on account of I was full.

Only thing notable/different was that the service was slow and the DC waiter wouldn't serve me beer because I left my ID at home, even though I have been there every week for the last 6 months.

Tabitha, come back to us!


Phred Barnet

Wing Zone Hot Thai Chili

I was running too low on Wings to bother cooking and I didn't feel like going to the store so the natural choice was to order some Wings. And of course if I was going to order some Wings, I would naturally order the best Wings that I could (not Harry's... Wings that were actually good!). I called up Wing Zone and ordered up a batch of their newest flavor, the Hot Thai Chili Wings. These Wings were recommended to me at work by a Wing Zone employee who swore by them.

I just had to try.

I liked these Wings, just as I like all of Wing Zone's Wings. The flavor was very good, yet I would have liked a little more spice to them... I like my Wings like I like my women: Hot and dipped in ranch dressing!


Phred Barnet

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wing Factory

I went to the Wing Factory off of Roswell Road on Monday with Brittany. I ordered a dozen Hot Honey BBQ Wings (my favorite), but they were nice enough to bring me 14. Unfortunately, the waiter was new and brought me regular Honey BBQ Wings instead. No matter, they were still very good. All of them were meaty and I liked their flavor a lot, its just a shame that I didn't get to try them as hot as I wanted. I will have to go back there and try more of their Wings because they were very good.

Of course Brittany had to take a page from Jen Teems' book and ordered a vegetarian item... the Veggie Wrap or some gay shit like that.

I was thinking of declaring her "Dead to Me" also, but she finally had a Wing later on in the afternoon.


Phred Barnet

Sticky Fingers Carolina Classic

At about 6am Sunday morning, I woke up hungry after those so called Wings that I ate from Harry's. I decided to fry up 8 Wings using the Sticky Fingers Carolina Classic Sauce. The sauce was a mustard based sauce and I would say that it was much better than the Memphis Original, but nowhere near as good as their Hot Habanero Sauce. The Carolina Classic sauce had a little kick to it, but shouldn't be too hot for anyone's tastes.

I recommend this sauce.


Phred Barnet

An Affront To Democracy

Harry's Pizza and Subs is the place closest to me that sells Wings. They are located right across the street from my apartment and right next to this building which seems out of place in Atlanta, Georgia. I pass by Harry's every day and notice the sign out front that reads "Voted Best Wings." I decided to grab some of their Wings on Sunday afternoon.

What a disappointment.

Every single Wing in the order was a straggler. They were the smallest Wings I have ever been sold, and I would even call them "popcorn Wings." I ordered the Jamaican Jerk Wings and the flavor was just ok, nothing really good or bad, but i could not get over the size of the Wings. Don't believe me? Here are pictures of a Wing and a Drum from Harry's next to a AAA battery.

There was no way that Harry's was voted best Wings unless it was done by their kitchen staff, most of whom are not legally eligible to vote in the US.


Phred Barnet

Monday, January 22, 2007

Wing Ranch

Saturday night, I once again went to eat Chicken Wings with my wingman Jason Riddle. This time we went to a place called Wing Ranch off of Ashford Dunwoody that was recommended to him as the best Wings ever. I'm always down to try out any Wings have been rated so high by others. I ordered 10 of the "X-Hot" Wings and they were ready in record time. Jason tried the Ranch Wings.

I really did like their Wings. They were nicely sized and very tender. And they were hot. Very hot. I wasn't at the point of tearing up or anything, but my Wing eating was slowed down because of the heat in my mouth.

I tried 2 of my Wings for 2 of Jason's and I enjoyed the flavor of the Ranch Wings as well. I would return to Wing Ranch.


Phred Barnet

Sticky Fingers Memphis Original

Since I liked the Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero so much, I went out and bought all of the other different flavors. The first one that I decided to try was the "Memphis Original" BBQ sauce. I liked the Wings that were made with the Memphis Sauce, but they were pretty much generic as far BBQ sauces go. Nothing special here at all.


Phred Barnet

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Who Are You People?

While this site is clearly no Google or MySpace, in my opinion it is pretty popular. The number of daily visitors has been steadily climbing, yet a lot of my close friends do not check this blog much at all. A lot of my friends have told me that they check it once a week, or even less. My dad checks it only every few days, and my mom has only seen it once.

Some of my friends are more loyal and post comments regularly about my articles.

But still, I have no idea where the majority of hits are coming from. Yesterday alone, there were 82 "unique" visits to this blog. If you check more than once per day, you are not counted for each time. My visits to the site do not count at all either. I consider that to be quite a feat. In the last week, I have had over 300 hits, since the start of January, over 800, and since I started the blog right around Thanksgiving, there has been over 1300 hits to this site. Interestingly, the daily "hits" decline drastically during the weekend which means that most of you are checking this site out at work instead of doing what you are paid to do.

I have received several emails from people that I haven't seen or talked to since high school who found out about the Chicken Wing Project through FaceBook.

But, I have no idea where most of these people come from or who they are.

The other day, I received an email from a newspaper that wanted to conduct an interview with me about my "feats" for the month so that they can write a story! As of now, I have no idea how they found out about me.

So, if you don't know me (or if you do, but haven't talked to me in a while) but you are a loyal reader to the site, I'd like to hear from you. I wanna know how you found out about the Chicken Wing Project, where you are from, and of course your opinions on the pressing issues of the day: favorite Wing flavor, ranch or blue cheese, Wing or Drum?

Email me at

Also, feel free to visit my store and get yourself a T-shirt or bumper sticker!

Phred Barnet

Friends.... and Squeak

I went to high school with Mike Elmer who has been excitedly following the Chicken Wing Project from day 1. A few weeks back, I asked Mike to do a song for the Chicken Wing Project soundtrack. But now, since I have almost no usable video, I am fearing that a soundtrack would be pointless. I'm not sure if Mike has completed a track or not, but I'm sure it would have been great. Check out his myspace page here and listen to his funky sound:

Patrick Craig is the one who talked me into the Chicken Wing project. After eating Blind Pig Wings in Athens with Brad Binion one morning, I was telling Patrick how I much I love Wings and things just got carried away. The conversation went something like this:

Fred: I love Chicken Wings so much that I could eat them every day.
Patrick: Well, why don't you?
Fred: I don't know, but I love them so much that I could
Patrick: Well, then you should
Fred: Maybe I will
Patrick: Do it!
Fred: Fine. I will. In January of next year, I will eat nothing but Chicken Wings!

--and I have so far!

A friend pointed out to me that if Patrick and I ever became really good friends and started hanging out a lot, we would both be dead in a month... that sounds like a challenge for next year.

Mike "Squeak" Alexander is jealous. I have mentioned his roommates Greg and Fletch several times each on this blog, but I have failed to mention him. Squeak is a resident of the house where I had those homemade Wings. This is the same house where I went on New Years and had most of the first Wings of 2007 (minus the 1 I ate at Drew's house the night before). Squeak has sent me several emails asking me to mention him in my blog. I received a particularly rude message from him the other day:

"Dude. You still haven't given me a shoutout by name in your blog for my incredible chicken wings that you consumed at my house. I thought we were friends. Now I see how our relationship is. You, Fred Barnett, are dead to me.

Mike Alexander"

Squeak-- I'm sorry. I didn't know that my failure to mention you by name would have such drastic effects on our now former friendship. I would like to extend the olive branch to you and invite you to eat Wings with me sometime this coming week.

Oh, and by the way for Squeak and all the others who insist on continually spelling my name wrong, it is BARNET, not Barnett. I only have 1 "T" because, come on, the sound is already made so what is the point of putting another "T" in there. Plus, I am trying to save you time by saving you that extra keystroke/penstroke involved in adding another "T."

Phred Barnet

More Sticky Fingers

Got off work early and fried up 8 more Wings using the Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero sauce. Once again, they were extremely delicious. I am going to the store sometime today to buy several more of the many different Sticky Fingers sauces so that I can see if they can make Wings as tasty as the"Hot Habanero" sauce.


Phred Barnet

Friday, January 19, 2007

Sticky Fingers

I only got to sleep for three hours yesterday. When you work at night and you have errands to do, you have to sacrifice your sleep. I had to sacrifice dinner last night for an extra 30 minutes of sleep, so the only Wings I had until today were the 6 I had for "breakfast" yesterday morning. I was hungrier than a muthafucker this morning and I only had 3 Wings in the apartment so I decided to fry up some of my own. I grabbed 8 of the Wingettes and put them on the stove. Remember, these Wingettes are huge so 8 is a lot.

This morning, I cooked with a sauce called "Sticky Fingers Habanero Hot BBQ Sauce." The bottle was really generic looking, but I figured that since I was buying a bunch of different sauces, it would be nice to try something like that. I think I fried the Wings perfectly. They were cooked nice and golden brown to perfection, very juicy and not at all burnt. But, the real story here is the sauce. I did not have high expectations for this sauce, and I almost did not buy it.

That would have been a tragedy.

I like my foods spicy, but I do not have a super high tolerance for spice, so when I say that the Wings were not very hot, you should believe me. They did have some spice to them and a delicious flavor, but did not bring me to tears or anything from the spiciness.

The tears that I had were the tears one cries when he cooks a damn good batch of Wings. Tears of intense happiness. Tears of joy. These Wings were so damn good that I ate all 8 of them in what had to be record time, stopping only to lick the delicious sauce off of my fingers.

Easily the best Wings that I have cooked so far. I think I'll cook up another batch the same way tonight.


Phred Barnet

American Wings

On Tuesday, I really wasn't feeling well. I was feeling dead from all of the drinking I had done over the past few days. I met up with my Wingman Jason for dinner at a restaurant in Alpharetta called "American Wing." The restaurant was named after my two favorite things, so I figured it could only be great. Unfortunately, I was feeling too sick to really enjoy the Wings there. We ordered Hot Wings and Cheese Wings which were recommended by the waiter. In fact, these Wings contained the first cheese I have had all year except for when I am brought Blue Cheese with my Wings. They were good, but like I said, I was in no mood to enjoy them. I will have to give American Wing another chance because this time was not fair to them.


Phred Barnet

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Girls Go Wild... For Chicken Wings

Since I only have Sundays and Mondays off to hang with friends, I was excited to receive an invitation to Athens to hang with some friends, drink some Sparks, and eat some Blind Pig Chicken Wings. The Blind Pig in Athens, Georgia has my favorite Wings. I have probably eaten more of their Wings than I have of any other Wings in my entire life.

My favorite Wings of theirs are their Hot Honey BBQ Wings. Loyal friends/readers of this blog will recall that the Chicken Wing Project was inspired by a combination of their Wings, my drunkenness, and a dare from Patrick Craig. Other loyal readers will recall that I declared Jen to be "dead to me" for her refusal to eat Chicken Wings or any meat at our "meeting" in Roswell. I told Jen that if she ate just 1 Wing with me in Athens then she would no longer be dead to me. Well, that is Jen in the middle chowing down on a Blind Pig Wing along with A-Mac on the right. Also, I hope you noticed my totally sweet hat. If you can't read it, it says "I'm retired I wish somebody would tell my wife" with a picture of a guy fishing on it. I bought it in Alabama. Its awesome.

So, I went to the Pig after calling in an order and drinking a Sparks, grabbed my order, and went to the Globe to eat them there while drinking more alcohols. I finally convinced Jen to eat a Wing and I was not surprised when she exclaimed how good they were! She even grabbed a few more Wings from me and ate them, then dipped her finger in sauce and ate that too. Almost imediately after eating the Wings, the girls started to "go wild." Im 90% convinced that it was the Wings that did it, but the other 10% makes me think that it was my sweet hat!

And then really wild...

I wouldn't be surprised if A-Mac and Jen declare me dead to them, but as a reporter, I MUST fully report all events that are Wing related which occur in my life.


Phred Barnet

Phoenix & Dragon

After a long weekend of less than bad Wings, and feeling zombie-like, I decided to order up some Wings from a local eatery. I choose a Chinese restaurant called Phoenix & Dragon because I figured it would be good to try some Chinese style Wings for my project. I placed a large order for Wings, half of them "Sweet Thai Chili," and half of them a flavor called "Hot Citrus Drops."

The Wings were pretty good, not phenominal or anything. I did enjoy both flavors, but I liked the Sweet Thai Chili better. Since ordering them, I have eaten 17 of them so far, including 6 this morning and have 3 more of them to go.

I am trying to write about all of these Wings as quickly as possible because I think its important that I catch up. Sorry for the lack of details.


Phred Barnet

Wings In Tunica

This one'll be quick. I love going to the Grand in Tunica and gambling there on our annual trip, even though they have a tendency to take all of my money. I love a lot of things about the Grand, but the ONE thing that I hate is their Chicken Wings.

Two of the times when I ordered Hot Wings, they were brought to me with absolutely NO sauce at all. They were thickly breaded and fried with average size and little flavor. I love eating Chicken Wings every day, but if I had to eat those shitty Wings one more day, I would have quit this project. The only thing about the Wings that was good was that for the most part they were comped to me because of my excessive gambling and George's awesomeness... although I did give up several trips to their buffett to eat them.


Phred Barnet

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Best Wings Ever

Ok. Sorry, but I am just now starting to feel normal enough to write again. You can expect a couple of updates today as I try to catch up on all the Wings I ate since last Thursday.

On the way to Tunica, we made a stop in Birmingham, Alabama to eat at my buddy Chris' uncle's restaurant, Demetri's. Chris told me that the restaurant was a BBQ restaurant, and he wasn't sure if they had Chicken Wings. We decided to go there either way and that if they had no Wings, I would just find a random place that served Wings and get some there. Well, I was in for a surprise. Right in the middle of the menu were the words "Hickory Wings." I ordered them, and they brought me a nice order of 10 Wings (although it may have actually been 12... my memory is a little hazy).

The Wings looked glorious and came with an unusual looking orange colored sauce. Well, my first bite delicious. Simply put, the Wings were heavenly. They tasted more like some BBQ ribs than like Chicken Wings. The meat was so tender that it just literally fell off the bone when you tried to eat it. There was so much flavor in the Wings too. They were incredible, and all along I kept exclaiming my praise for these Wings. I haven't enjoyed/raved about a food since the infamous "they let me dip it in the butter" incident of 2003.

And that unusual sauce? It was delicious. I wish I had the recipe so that I could make some at home. I tried the sauce on a Wing, then ate my second Wing with ranch (which is my preferred sauce), and then ate all of the rest of them with the sauce served by the restaurant.

When I complimented Chris' uncle on the Wings, he told me "most restaurants just thaw out some frozen Wings and add their sauce. Not us. Cooking Wings is a 24 hour process for us."

I was very, very impressed. The sign out front wasn't lying.

Phred Barnet

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ranch Or Blue Cheese... Or Other?

A debate has consumed the Chicken Wing eating community since the invention of the Chicken Wing (more on that in another post) over what if any dipping sauce is most appropriate and tasty with Chicken Wings.

Some say Ranch. This is that camp to which I belong. I enjoy the taste of creamy Ranch dressing coating my Chicken Wings, especially Wings with a kick to them. I find that Ranch adds a zesty kick to an already flavorful Wing, and can actually positively mask the taste of an inferior one.

Others say Blue Cheese. Personally, I like Blue Cheese dressing, but not on my Wings. I just don't feel like the texture fits right with Wings.

Some say... ketchup? I was having the Ranch/Blue Cheese debate with a coworker, Jeff when another coworker, Tim interrupted and said "I don't know whay y'all are always talking about Ranch and Blue Cheese... the only way to go is ketchup." Both Jeff and I were shocked, as we had never heard anything like that before. I have yet to try it, but I promised Tim that I would.

Feel free to let me and the Wing eating world know your opinion on this debate. Do you prefer Ranch, Blue Cheese, ketchup, or even some other sauce.

Phred Barnet

Update Coming

Sorry, but my brain is dead from bender I went on this past weekend. I can barely keep a train of thought going, much less write. I will update tomorrow with tales of my Wing eating, and hopefully emailing back those of you who emailed me in the past few days.

Alcohol is one hell of a drug.

Phred Barnet

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fred Wings It In Mississippi

I am off to Tunica, Mississippi for a few days for our annual MLK weekend of drinking and gambling. I have prepared a couple of posts which I will ty to post this weekend from my cell phone while in Mississippi. If not, check back Monday for a massive update, including an update of the Wings eaten there. Don't be surprised if the count after Tunica is not exact, as beer affects/effects (I think its effects) the memory.

Phred Barnet

So Few Wings

I'm a pretty smart guy and I just put something together. You've eaten 113 wings in 10 days. After some quick calculations, that means you're averaging 11.3 wings per day. How is that possible??? I would say an average meal of wings consists of b/w 10 and 12 wings, but you're eating at least 2 wing-meals a day and are only eating just over 11 per day? Are you coping out and eating more celery and carrots? Yes, Fred, I'm calling you out!

Fair enough. I have been getting a lot of questions about this, so I figure that it is time to address them. First off Roger, congratulations on the math. I know that brain use comes as quite a challenge to you and I hope that you didn't hurt yourself by thinking about that one for too long. I have a feeling that you waited until day 10 to ask me about that just so that you could do the math a little easier.

That being said, let me explain a few of the reasons that I think have been contributing to me eating so few Wings. First off, when you eat Chicken Wings, they bring you 10-12 and you eat them all and are full. You would do the same if they brought you 16... or even 8. As Americans, we have the unique ability to keep eating long after we are full like some sort of super-goldfish. Plus, when you only eat Wings one time a week or less, you are so excited to see them that you throw them down quickly and entirely. When you eat Wings every day, you get a chance to savor the flavor and awesomeness of the Wings.

The real answer though is that I do not have any carrots or celery at home. When I go to restaurants, I do eat a lot of these vegetables, but at home, I eat none. I do, however, drink a ton of juice. I have been drinking a lot of the Low Sodium V8, which is more like a small meal and has a ton of vegetables in it. Last night at work alone, I drank two single serving bottles of V8 and a bottle of orange juice. Each of the single serving bottles claims to have 3 full servings of vegetables in it. I drink a lot of it at home too. This keeps me pretty full and only allows me to eat 6 or 7 Wings at a time. Maybe you argue that I shouldn't drink so much of the V8 and that I should focus on Wings only, but I am afraid that if i did that I would surely die!

Also, sometimes I am really tired after work and go right to bed as soon as I get home which means that the meal when I wake up will be my only meal a day.

Plus I know I have only cooked a few meals at home, but the Wingettes from Publix are ridiclously huge.

Plus, beer is filling and I do love to drink.

Phred Barnet

Texas Pete

I didn't eat very many Wings the last few days and I went to bed as soon as I got home this morning, so I was very hungry when I woke up. To top it off, I spent an hour on the phone trying to sort out all of the details of our road trip for tomorrow. Needless to say, I was very hungry.

I put the paranoia behind me and decided to fry up some delicious Wings using my top secret recipe (see last post). I picked 5 huge Wings from the dwindling bag of Wingettes and fried them up using the last of my vegetable oil. When I was ABSOLUTELY sure that they were nice and done, I pulled them off and added the next sauce to the batch. Ben Allen told me that he had heard that cooking Wings in Texas Pete made them delicious. As I am always open to any Wing suggestion, I bought a bottle of Texas Pete Wing sauce this week. I was assuming that the Wings would tast very very similar to the Budweiser Wings and the Ken's Steakhouse Wings... boy was I wrong.

I love the regular Texas Pete sauce. I put it on a lot of different things, and I think it even goes better on Taco Bell than Fire Sauce (oh man how I miss Tabo Bell with Fire Sauce), so I was eager to see what it did to my favorite food. Texas Pete gave the Wings a nice little kick. Nothing overpowering to where you can't taste the Wings and your mouth catches on fire (like Blind Pig Ninja Wings), but a good flavorful kick. And while the sauce obviously had a familiar Buffalo Wing sauce base to it, it went above and beyond that. I really really liked the Texas Pete sauce and would recommend it to an ture Wing fan.


Phred Barnet

Afraid Of Chicken Wings?!?!

Remember those nasty Wings I ate Tuesday night? Well, fucked with more than my stomach. They actually made me paranoid and afraid to eat my own Wings.

Yesterday I cooked up 2 batches of homemade Chicken Wings. This time, I used Ken's Steakhouse Wing Sauce in both batches. I like their ranch dressing and I figured that their Wing sauce would also be good. When I started to eat the Wings that I had cooked, I realized that I was very nervous. The scare of possibly eating undercooked Wings the night before was playing with my mind. I assume that they were not undercooked however, because I did not get sick from them. Regardless, I was paranoid about eating my own Wings because like I said before I'm much of a cook. Each bite of the Ken's Steakhouse Wings that I took made me nervous, and I found myself examining the Wings carefully after each bite or two just to make sure that the Wings were edible. I think part of the reason was that I was concerned about the taste of the Wings. I had somehow not cooked these as well as I did with the Budweiser Wings which puzzled me because all I really did was fry them in oil (my secret recipe).

The Wings cooked with the Ken's Steakhouse sauce were very very average. The sauce was extremely generic as far as Buffalo Wing sauce goes and I'm starting to wonder if all of the Wings that I try using different sauces will have the similar generic flavor.


Phred Barnet

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Wings Were Terrible!

As usualy, I went to Frankie's for Chicken Wings Tuesday night. The first thing I noticed was that Tabitha who had waited on our table every week since we started going there was not working. I ordered a dozen Carolina BBQ Wings expecting them to be up to their usual standards. Unfortunately, they were abysmal. They were chewy and for a minute I thought they were undercooked. The sauce was applied only very lightly, and did not taste good at all. Remember the microwaved Wings that I ate last week before work that I only finished because I knew that I would not be eating for 12 hours? Well, these were so bad that I only finished 3.5 of them before I knew I couldn't take another bite. I have these Wings in my fridge, but I doubt that I will be finishing them.


Phred Barnet

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The King Of Wings?

As I said in my last post, I went to Publix yesterday to purchase Wing fixin's. I bought all kinds of spices and also got a Chicken fryer. While there, I saw a ton of different kinds of Wings sauces so I decided that it might be fun to buy a bunch of different ones and try them out. They also had several different brands of frozen Chicken Wings. They were all the same so I figured that it didn't really matter what kind I bought... until I saw the brand called "Wingettes" which I just had to buy because of the similarity to Wing It. The Wings are some of the biggest Chicken Wings I have ever seen! I'm talking huge.

Tuesday morning, I awoke craving Chicken Wings after a night of inebriation which involved way too many free drinks at a bar served to me by a well known Atlanta athlete who for some reason was working at the bar we went to. Anyways, I decided to fry up some Chicken Wings and try out one of the new Wing sauces. We picked the Budweiser Wing sauce, and I started frying up the Wings. When they were nice and fried, I covered them with the sauce.

I'm not much of a cook. I can really only cook Spagettio's (microwave for 2:32), so I was really surprised how good these Wings turned out. I know that cooking Chicken Wings is a simple act of frying, but I did it nearly as perfect as possible. It seems that I have been blessed with both an intense love for Chicken Wings and an ability to cook them amazingly. The sauce was actually pretty good, in fact it was better than I expected. It had a fairly common Buffalo style flavor, but it also had a nice and zesty tangy taste to it that made the Wings really good. Budweiser can now say that they can dominate your Sundays, between their fine beers and their delicious Wing sauce.


Phred Barnet

Chicken Wings But A Florida Victory... I Guess You Can't Have It All

I was planning on cooking my own Wings last night. I really was. I even went to Publix and bought all kinds of shit to cook with, but then Kevin (my occasional roomate) randomly showed up at the apartment and said that we should go out for Wings and watch the national championship game somewhere. We decided to go to the 285 Line, a sports bar that is just around the corner from my apartment.

Before January, I had declared their Wings to be my favorite Atlanta Wings. In fact, one time me, Tyler, Julia, and a passed out Homer won a contest at the 285 Line for 50 free Wings and 24 free beers... probably the greatest contest in the history of contests.

I usually like really spicy foods, but their Hot Wings are extremely hot. Almost too hot, and I won't even order their hottest Wings, and they make me cry. Kevin and I ordered the Hot Honey BBQ Wings which we have both tried several times in the past. The Wings took FOREVER to come. Seriously it was damn near an hour. They were really good, and were mostly drums (which I prefer), however, they had no kick to them at all. Usually their Hot Honey BBQ Wings have a little heat to them, but not last night. The Wings were nice and crispy though with a good size on most of them, although there were a few stragglers. Still, I have had much better Wings there so I have to say I was a little disappointed that they were not up to their usual awesomeness.


Phred Barnet

Monday, January 8, 2007

Breakfast or Dinner... Part 3

From Ben Allen:
"The morning just has a different feel to it regardless of whether or not you have slept. Like I said, chicken wings at 7:45 in the morning in your time zone constitute breakfast wings. If you stay up binge drinking all night long and hit up a nice meal at Waffle House, is it not still breakfast?"

Good point Ben, however first let me correct you. You said "IF you stay up all night long and hit up a nice meal at waffle house..." I think you meant WHEN this happens, because it seems to happen a lot with our crowd. Neverthenontheless, when we do this, we do it one (or two...fine, maybe even 3) times in a week, but the Dracula schedule is a constant daily thing for me. I am on this schedule pretty much all the time. This has caused me problems for example: if i am lucky enough to sleep from 9-5 which rarely happens, when I meet B.A. and Riddle for trivia at 8pm and have a beer, this has the same feel as drinking at noon (see My Life, 2003-2005), it does not feel like it did to have a beer at 8pm when I kept hours that were closer to normal. It doesn't feel weird to eat Chicken Wings at 745am, but it was hella strange meeting Brittany for "lunch" at 3pm... I felt like I should have been ordering an omelet instead.

My solution is this: quit your day job (since none of your friends seem to want your services anyways) and become a "night mortgage broker" so that you can see things through the eyes of the unfortunate people like me.

Does anyone else have any opinions on this topic? This blog somehow gets a lot of hits and it would be nice to hear from more than just a few of yall. Click the link where it shows the number of comments and you can post a response.

Phred Barnet

5 More Tyson Wings

I cooked 5 more Tyson Wings. I don't know what to call this meal as it occurred sometime between mdnight and morning, but they tasted the same as the other Tyson Wings I have eaten.


Phred Barnet

The Chicken Wing Project Gets International Recognition!!!

After Googling the Chicken Wing Project earlier, I found this site. Look when you see this because apparently it updates and I will soon be pushed off, but I was mentioned on there twice.

"This projet sounds insanely insane yet awesome!!! Should I do not have to cook, I would not mind havin chicken wings all-day-long."


"I also found a web site of a guy in the States who determined to eat nothing but chicken wings in January 2007! (Which means starting from today!) His methodology and aim is kinda similar to Supersize Me’s - but Fred (the chicken wing guy) will take supplementary vitamins to keep up with a “balanced” diet. Now I am super hungry and craving for chicken wings, damn!"

These things were written by Janice Lo who is originally from Hong Kong but now lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Thanks for the international support! You can find her blog here:

Phred Barnet

Wings With The Artman

Arthur Noll is hilarious. I like hanging out with him. So when I heard that he wanted nothing more than to have Wings with me, I jumped at the opportunity. I decided to let Art pick the place and he picked and establishment called Dugan's on Ponce in Atlanta. He said that the Wings at Dugan's were quite possibly his favorite Wings that he has ever tried. Well, with this kind of a recommendation I was ready to Wing it with Art. I met up with Jason Riddle who has recently become my "wing man," after eating Wings with me 4 of the 7 days in 2007 (including Sunday at Dugan's) and we picked Art up at his house and drove to the restaurant.

We seated ourselves in front of the tv so that we could watch football while winging it. Our waitress Kamisha brought us our menus, but we all knew exactly what we wanted. One nice little extra that I noticed on the menu was that customers have the option (for a small fee) to make their entire Wings order either only the "Wing" or the "Drum." I found this to be nice feature. I will make a nice post sometime this week about my preference in the Wing/Drum debate, but for now, let's focus on Dugan's. We ordered 30 Hot Wings with blue cheese (ranch was not an option). The first thing I noticed was the size of the Wings. Every single Wing had a nice size to it. There was not one "straggler." I really liked the flavor of these Wings. They had a flavor similar to the typical Buffalo-style Wing that we are all used to, however, they were much better than the average Buffalo Wing. The only thing that I did not like about the flavor of the Wings was that there was a little to much vinegear used in the sauce which definitely altered the taste.

I wanted to take pictures of the experience, but it was raining and I did not want to bring the camera out of the car. I do plan on going back to Dugan's sometime to have more of their Wings, as they were definitely delicious.


Phred Barnet

The Rest Of The Rock Bottom Wings

had the final 2 Wings from Rock Bottom Sunday morning. Cooked them with the same chipotle Mexican sauce and Tabasco. They were still good.


Phred Barnet

Sunday, January 7, 2007

My Favorite Food With My Favorite Person

I know I already wrote about eating Wings in Roswell, but what I didn't mention was that I got to eat them with my favorite person in the world, Sabina Gupta. For those of you who don't know, Sabina is my favorite person for a few reasons. For one, she once saved my life on a river where I would have surely died had she not intervened. She also once gave me pink eye (my favorite communicable disease), which was one of the best weeks of my life. In fact, I still fantasize about her giving me pink eye again (see the Civy Club Blog: September 4th, 2006 --Caution: do not read if you get sick easily).

Sabina is just totally awesome.

I have a video of her using wet naps to clean the Wing sauce off of my face and hands. She even finished off the cleaning with a "thumb job," making sure to remove all traces of Wing Sauce from my hand. Notice the intense look of happiness on my face and the look of concentration on hers. She really is my favorite!

I had fun eating Wings with you Sabina. Let's do it again soon!

Phred Barnet

Fred Wings It In Roswell

Saturday night I met up with some friends to eat Chicken Wings in Roswell, Georgia. We had originally planned on going to Taco Mac, but due to a long line we drove to a place called Tony's on Holcomb Bridge Road near 400. When we got there, they had to combine 4 tables to make room for our group and we got to sit right in front of the big screen for the football game.

Along with me were several friends and some admirers of the Chicken Wing Project from Roswell High School. These young gentlemen are fans of the Project who dreamed of eating Chicken Wings with a local celebrity like myself. These youths told me that they read the blog every day and one of them even reminded me that I had not posted that day and asked me how many Wings I had eaten earlier. I was very glad to be eating Wings with such fine young Americans. As I said before, I have never had a fan club before so it was a fun experience.

I placed an order for 10 Wings, half of them hot and half some with some kind of BBQ sauce on them. The hot Wings were very good. The sauce on the BBQ Wings was a little thick, but it did have a nice flavor.

I felt bad because I had to duck out of the meal early to go to work, but I really enjoyed my Wings in Roswell.

I was actually able to convince Ashley MacDonald to come up from Athens to eat Wings with us by lying and telling her that Homer was in town and that it was her last chance to see him before he left.

I do have a serious complaint about the meal though. We all ordered Wings except for one of us. Jen Teems told me that she did not like Wings! This was shocking by itself, but what she did next almost sent me into cardiac arrest. She decided to add insult to injury by ordering a VEGGIE BURGER! She actually had the audacity to order a meal without some form of dead animal at a meeting of people who were there to celebrate the awesomeness of Chicken Wings. Shame on you Jen. You are now dead to me.


Phred Barnet

Sorry I Forgot

Sorry I forgot to post on Saturday. I did have several posts saved, but I just forgot to put them up.

Saturday morning I had 4 more of the Wings from Rock Bottom. I cooked them in the oven and they came out nice and cripsy. Then I took some Tobasco Sauce, mixed it with this Mexican chipotle hot sauce called "El Yucateco," and poured it over the Wings. They were actually pretty good. I plan on using this sauce again in the near future.


Phred Barnet

Friday, January 5, 2007

Is Someone At Google Fucking With Me?

Remember before when I asked if anyone knew how to remove the ads for the anti-Bush bumper stickers? Well, I just went to the blog and say 3 ads that slightly irritated me. Right on top of the page was an ad entitled "Gay Democrats" advertising political merchandise catered towards the gay community. Off to the right between the links section was a giant lone ad for "Anti-Bush Bumper Stickers" which is what I had asked for help in removing. But the ad that really really pissed me off was an ad for "Smoked Turkey Wings." Why any fan of this site would even consider clicking that ad I cannot figure out.

I am also pretty sure that Google is cheating me out of ad revenue. There have been days that friends have told me that the checked out some of the ads for Wing recipes, but on several of those days Google claims that although I had received a large number of hits, no one had clicked any ads.

On the plus side: I Googled the term Chicken Wing Project earlier for fun and my site popped up on the first page!

Phred Barnet

Wings In Roswell Tomorrow!!!

I will be eating Wings in the Roswell area with Chris Cassimus tomorrow evening before work. Also attending will be some of his brother's friends who found out about the Chicken Wing Project through the FaceBook. WOW, I have fans!

I'm not sure when and where this event will take place, but I would like to invite anyone who is interested to join us. Please either call Chris tomorrow or email me and one of us will get back to you with details.

Will I be signing autographs? I'll let you know Sunday morning after work.

Phred Barnet

Wings With B-Love

I was going to cook Wings today. I really was. I was planning on going to the store and buying all kinds of ingredients and a large large satchel of Wings to cook for the next few weeks after breakfast (still uncomfortable using that term) this morning. But when I opened up my computer to type this morning's blogs, I saw a message from Brittany Lovell telling me that she would be in Atlanta and wanting to know if I could eat Wings with her in the early afternoon.

Well, I decided to put off the homemade Wings for another day. I will do them this weekend. I met Brittany at Rock Bottom Brewery on Peachtree and Piedmont in Buckhead slightly after 3pm. For me, this should be considered breakfast as I had been awaken at 130pm by a female who wanted to know my address so that she could mail me a large check (seriously).

Rock Bottom's Wings were good, but not great. They were very, very crispy, almost too crispy. Also the overcrispiness of the Wings caused them to be a little dry. I also had a few Wings that B.A. would probably describe as stragglers. I suspect that the Wings would have been better had I gone in to eat them at a "normal" meal time. They weren't bad at all, they just were by no means excellent.

Funny thing though. We had a really good waiter who did a great job. I mentioned to him at least a few times that I loved Wings and wasn't even considering eating anything else. When he suggested eating the Wings with some jalapenos on them, I was intrigued, but could not try this, because jalapenos are neither carrots or celery. After I ate 6 of the Wings and we were done, he came by to ask about deserts. I told him that I don't like deserts, as I only eat Chicken Wings. He thought I was kidding so he responded by asking me in a joking manner if I was on some kind of strict Chicken Wing diet!!!

I laughed and replied: "You have no idea man."

He really didn't.


Phred Barnet

Wings After Work

Breakfast? Dinner? Whatever. I had the rest of my Wings from Wing Zone this morning after coming home from work. I learned my lesson and used the oven, rather than microwaving them (see previous post). The Wings were still excellent and could have been been better than they were the previous night if I had only had some more Wing Sauce to put over them.

Fresh or recooked, Wing Zone is still delicious.


Phred Barnet


Ben Allen says: "Wings consumed at 7:45 in the morning are definitely breakfast wings. End of discussion."

Ben my schedule has flip-flopped like John Kerry. I understand what you saying when you say that because I eat the Wings at 745am they are automatically breakfast. But in a way I am in a different time zone and while it is 745am here, it is 745pm in Thailand. If a dude in Thailand were eating Wings at 745pm you wouldn't say that he was having breakfast just because it is morning for you, would you?

745am is night for me, even though the sun has just come up.

In my opinion, breakfast and dinner should be determined by the schedule of the individual. However, for the sake of the readers when I refer to breakfast and dinner in this blog consider it to mean the "normal" definitions imposed on us by a society of people who are lucky enough to not have to work at night and sleep during the day.

Phred Barnet


Last night at work a girl came into work wearing a Wing Zone employee shirt. I told her that I had eaten Wings from there earlier in the night and loved them. She was not a fan of nuclear teriyaki sauce, but did love most of their other flavors. She was really mad though. It appears that she had delivered Wings for 7 hours that evening and only made $14 in tips, including going to a few homes who did not tip at all!

It is unacceptable to think that people could treat someone who brings Wings to their home so awfully.

Well I noticed her eyeing some lottery tickets and I talked her into buying 2 $2 tickets by telling her that I had a good feeling. Well, she came back about 2 minutes later with a $24 winner. Karma was on her side or at least on the side of Chicken Wings. This girl was rewarded for delivering Wings and was repaid for the low tips she received.

Attention all Georgia residents: please tip your Wing delivery girl or she will be rewarded with her rightful tip money from your precious Hope Scholarship Fund... you fucking freeloaders.

Phred Barnet

To Answer Your Questions

A lot of people have been asking me if I am getting tired of eating Chicken Wings. Well to answer every one's questions no I am not. It has only been a few days since I started the Chicken Wing Project, so I don't really think enough time has gone by for me to get tired of them.

Even though I am not tired of them, I do find myself constantly craving other foods. For example, at work I am surrounded by food, all kinds of food. From doughnuts and cookies to chips and beef jerky to bananas and apples, all I see all night long is food. Even the hot dogs and taquitos are starting to look good!

Last night/this morning at work, this girl who worked for me went to the Taco Bell next door to us. Before leaving she offered to buy me anything I wanted. Now I hate to turn down free food, especially Taco Bell. I love T-Bell and I love free food. BUT NOT AS MUCH AS I LOVE CHICKEN WINGS. She could not believe it when I turned down her offer.

But no its not getting even close to the point where I am becoming tired of my Wings only diet.

Phred Barnet

Nuclear Honey Teriyaki Wings For Dinner

Last night before work I decided the get my first delivered Wings in the New Year. I called up Wing Zone which is a personal favorite of mine. I had even hoped for Wing Zone to become my official sponsor last year when I sent out proposals, but unfortunately it was not meant to be. I decided to order 10 Nuclear Teriyaki Wings. These are probably my favorite Wings from Wing Zone. Although I ordered only 10 Wings, I was in for a wonderful surprise... they sent me 12!!! The reason I like Wing Zone so much is because their Wings are always big and meaty and delicious and these Wings followed suit. At first they didn't appear to live up to the "nuclear" standard, but by the time I finished my 6th and final Wing my mouth was burning.

I love Wing Zone and consider them to be my favorite Wing delivery franchise in Atlanta (if anyone thinks they know a better one lemme know). In fact they have won several national awards for their deilcious Wings, including "Festival Favorite" and "Most Creative Sauce" at the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, New York. Wing Zone sauce is also the official sauce of the U.S. Competitive Wing-Eating Championship.


Phred Barnet

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Cholesterol Test Results

My bad, y'all. I totally spaced out and forgot to post the results of my pre-project cholesterol test. I actually went in for the test last Freday, as it was the last business day until this Tuesday. For the record, my cholesterol was 195. Not too bad. The score sheet provided by the testing company lists me as "Normal" which is the first time anyone has ever called me that. Let's see what a month of straight Chicken Wings does to me.

Here's the breakdown:

LDL (Bad Cholesterol): 116
HDL (Good Cholesterol): 65

According to, my score makes me desirable... that's right ladies.

I was tired this morning because I hadn't slept much for the last few days so I did not eat this morning. I went straight to bed after writing my post. I just ordered some Wings and will be writing about them first thing in the morning (for you, which is somehow the last thing at night for me).

Phred Barnet

Nasty Wings For Dinner!

Well, it's official. I have tasted my first batch of really really bad Wings in 2007. Actually when I think about it, last night's dinner was the worst Wings that I can EVER remember eating. Does everyone remember the Tyson Wings that I had for breakfast yesterday? Well, last night I was in a hurry to get to work and did not have time to cook Wings in the oven or buy any from a restaurant or anything, so I decided to follow the microwaving instructions. I took 7 Wings and cooked them exactly as directed in my microwave. Several minutes later I took my first bite and was treated to a terrible surprise. The same Wings that I had enjoyed 13 hours earlier were absolutely disgusting! The sauce didn't taste good, they had become strangely chewy, there was a really odd texture that I could not get over. As bad as these Wings were, I forced myself to eat 7 of them because I had not eaten since 745 that morning and would not be able to get Wings at work.

Please do not attempt to cook Tyson Hot Wings in the microwave.


Phred Barnet

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

An Open Letter To Family And Friends

To Whom It May Concern,

You all know that I work nights, yet you insist on calling me during the day. DO NOT DO THIS ANYMORE. From now on, do not call me from 9am-1pm. This is when I sleep and I do not want to be disturbed. In fact, I dont even care if it is an emergency-- I am not a doctor so there's really nothing I could do in an emergency anyways. Please do not interrupt my dreams of a paradise where the Chicken Wings are as big as a fist.


Sleepless in Atlanta

Phred Barnet

Wings For Breakfast... Or Dinner? You Be The Judge

For those of you who don't know, I work the Dracula shift (930pm-7am) at my job. This schedule fucks up my entire world, causing me to flip-flop night and day. I got home this morning slightly after 7 and I was very hungry since I had not eaten a single bite of food since last night's meal at Frankie's (see previous post). Now we all know that Chicken Wings are not usually considered to be a breakfast food, but one of the main goals of the Chicken Wing Project is to change these types of negative assumptions.

After all, this is America, and America is a land that values equality. My firm belief is that all meals were created equally. We should all consider eating Chicken Wings for breakfast every morning. Are we so willing to follow the so called laws of tradition that we sit quietly and go along with them without questioning them at all? I think not. Let us fellow Chicken Wing eaters rise up against the laws that says that one can not eat Chicken Wings for breakfast.

...Anyways, yesterday afternoon I bought a satchel of Tyson's Hot Wings from the local Chicken Wing store. This morning after work, while watching Saved By the Bell on TBS (seriously), I grilled up 7 of these babies. [On a side note, I always thought Screech was a little odd, but damn he was a super stalker in the episode I watched. I bet he had a wall in his room pasted with thousands of pictures of Lisa Turtle (much like my room is pasted with thousands of pictures of Sabina). I'm surprised that Lisa never got a restraining order against him.] Well, these pre-cooked Wings were not spectacular by any means, yet they were surprisingly good. There wasn't a whole lot of kick to them, but they had a nice size to them and a good flavor. I will be enjoying more of these in the coming days. Although I set out to eat 7 Wings, I dropped one on my carpet after eating about half of it. Normally I would consider eating food that I had just dropped, but we don't have a vacuum here and my carpet is kinda dirty. So I only ate 6.5 of the Wings.

My question for the readers is whether this meal of Chicken Wings at 745 in the morning qualifies as breakfast. On the one hand, I ate them in the morning, so that would lean towards a yes answer. On the other hand however, I ate them after working 9 hours and being up for most of the previous day, so they could actually count as dinner or even a midnight snack. Was I eating Chicken Wings for breakfast just now at 745am, or will I be eating Chicken Wings for breakfast this evening when I eat them just after waking up at about 4? Feel free to post your thoughts on this here, on my FaceBook page, or on my MySpace page. I am interested in seeing how people feel on this issue.

Whether these were breakfast Wings or not, I urge everyone to try Wings for breakfast sometime soon.

In fact, I declare January 7th to be National Chicken Wings For Breakfast Day.

Wings Eaten So Far: 39.5

Phred Barnet

Wings for Supper

I repeated a Tuesday night tradition last night by going to Frankie's for Chicken Wings and trivia. As usual, I ordered a half dozen Hot Wings and a half dozen Carolina BBQ Wings. And also as usual, the Wings at Frankie's were excellent. I really really enjoy eating their Wings and I have never had a single bad Wing from there. Plus, they were brought to me by Tabitha who is my favorite waitress. One downside of the evening was that our team won a free appetizer last week which I was unable to enjoy because of my new policy of avoidance of all foods non-Chicken Wing. So of couse, we won another free appetizer this week which I will not be able to eat next week, but I knew that this month would be full of tough tests like this one and I am fully prepared to give up some free food in exchange for following through with my beliefs.

I am not going to describe these Wings in much detail, as I have talked about them several times in the past. Frankie's Wings in one word: heavenly.

Frankie's is located off I-285 and Roswell Road. Other locations are also known as Jocks and Jill's.

Wings Eaten So Far: 33

Phred Barnet

Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Does anyone know how to keep Google from putting up ads for anti-George Bush bumper stickers? I really don't want this blog to be politicized at all, plus i really dont see how putting a sticker that says "F The President" on your car will lead to anything positive...

If anyone knows how to screen the ads that Google puts up so this doesn't happen anymore, please lemme know.

Phred Barnet

Harold And Kumar Eat Chicken Wings

Wow that was an ordeal! I was supposed to meet my friend Jason Riddle for a lunch of Chicken Wings today. He found a place called Bleachers located off I-285, got directions online and we set off to enjoy some hopefully tasty Wings. Well, when I got off the highway and started looking for the restaurant, I could not find the damn place. Riddle ended up calling me and saying that he was driving around unable to find it either. We met in a parking lot and agreed to go up to the nearest major street and try to find a place... some might say that we decided to "Wing it." We drove around forever and ever and somehow we didn't see one Wing serving establishment.

This is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. We live in the South, where Chicken Wings and Wing restaurants are abundant. Yet somehow, we were absolutely unable to find a place. We drove up and down several major streets, wasting nearly all of Jason's free time. Eventually we had to just cut our search off and go to the nearest Kroger. They have pretty good Wings and so I purchased 6 of them. I got 2 Hot Wings, 2 Mardi Gras Wings, and two of the baked Wings. I was not a fan of the Mardi Gras Wings. They were supposed to be hot and really good (according to the Wing dude who convinced me to buy them) but I really did not enjoy them. The baked Wings were all right and I would be willing to try them again. The Hot Wings were really good though. I found them to be big, flavorful and meaty.

I'm just glad that we were finally able to find a place to get decent Wings after looking for way way too long.


Phred Barnet