Monday, December 31, 2007

Ready For Round Two

It is the last day of 2007 and I am debating what my last Wing-free meal will be. Maybe it'll be pizza, maybe a burrito, maybe i'll even make it an early start and eat some Wings this evening!

I am really excited about eating Chicken Wings in January of 2008. I think this will be a lot more fun than it was last year. I am getting a lot of support already, plus being interviewed on the news can't hurt. Plus, I have found a lot of great Wing places since last year that I will be officially reviewing. I am looking forward to providing you all with daily updates about the Wings that I have eaten, and various other Wing related issues. I will be encouraging debates such as Wing vs. Drum, different Chicken Wing eating techniques, and of course the Ranch vs. Blue Cheese issue.

I would love to hear any suggestions that you may have about Wing places in the Atlanta metro area. Please feel free to email them to

The more feedback I get, the better, so feel free to email me anytime, or post a comment onto my blog. I'll try to answer any emails that I receive, either through email or on this blog.

Phred Barnet

Watch The Chicken Wing Project On Fox 5 Atlanta

Some exciting news: I will be on Fox 5 Atlanta's "Good Day Atlanta" Wednesday morning, January 2nd! I will be discussing the Chicken Wing Project sometime between 8 and 9AM. If you live in the Atlanta area, make sure to watch my interview or set your Tivo or DVR to record it.

If you have work Wednesday morning, call in sick. This is way more important.

Good day Atlanta airs weekdays from 7-9AM

Phred Barnet

Friday, December 28, 2007

How Carlos Slim Eats A Chicken Wing

a clearer version of this video is available at You Tube here:

Phred Barnet

Taco Stand Wing Festival

I went to Taco Stand last night to get some of their Wings. I was joined by about 15 other people. We all ordered Wings except for Trent Campbell who is now dead to me. In fact, we ordered so many Wings that the Taco Stand ran out of them! It was kinda sad though because when the brothers Cassimi arrived, Taco Stand only had 6 Wings left for the 3 of them (which shows the importance of being on time).

Taco Stand usually has excellent Wings. As I have written before, I like them because they are big and covered in sauce. I just love the flavor on their extra-hot sauce. Last night, they weren't up to their usual quality, but they weren't bad by any means. They were a little too crispy for my liking, and some were small, but considering that we got the last Wings that they had left, I can understand why they were somewhat small.

Its not lipstick... I promise

Paul only had a burrito because we ate all of their Wings
Look at B.A. attack that Wing. He is a caveman
Nate is sad because he is on his last Wing:

Phred Barnet

Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Job, Old Wings

I took a new job last week. This is good for a couple of reasons, but the most important reason is of course the Chicken Wings. I will be working in Suwanee and my office is located about two miles from two of my favorite Wing places, Taco Mac and Wild Wing. This is great for me because during January, I will be able to frequent two of my favorite Wing joints on a daily basis!

If only Blind Pig and Demetri's would build locations in Suwanee...

Phred Barnet

Digg Me

Heres an easy way to help me out. Join this site. That is a link to a site called Digg. Digg is a "social bookmarking" site that allows users to find popular items including news, entertainment, and stories about Chicken Wings. If you like a site, you can add it to Digg by "Digging" it. The higher the score, the more people will see it, and the more people will find out about the Chicken Wing Project. If you are already a Digg member, please click the Digg button on to top of this post or any other post that you may enjoy. This will help me get more visitors to my site.

If you are not a Digg member, you should consider joining. It only takes a minute...

Phred Barnet

Eat Wings With Me Tonight

Come join me at the Taco Stand on Roswell Road tonight (Thursday) at 6pm for some delicious Wings. The Taco Stand serves up delicious, meaty Wings covered in tasty sauce... yummmmmmm!

Phred Barnet

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Sorry for going so long without posting. I didn't realize that it had been nearly a week since I last wrote anything. Hopefully y'all haven't lost interest in the Chicken Wing Project.

Yesterday, I realized that in just a week the Chicken Wing Project will be fully underway! I am getting excited about doing this again. Hopefully, I don't get too tired of writing about it like I did last year.

People have been asking me if I plan on getting a cholesterol test done and weighing myself again. I will not be doing that for the Chicken Wing Project '08. I have already done this and had what I considered to be successful results. Plus, a cholesterol test costs about $60 and I don't see the point in spending $120 to prove something that I already know. This year, the Chicken Wing Project is about the glory of eating only Wings for an entire month!

I urge my friends to make a pledge with me. I think it would be great if as many people as possible pledged a week of eating only Chicken Wings during January. Call it a sympathy week if you want, I just think it would be cool to have a bunch of people eating only Wings for a week. Plus, it will prepare you because when I take over the world, Chicken Wings will be the only food that is legal to eat in January.

Also, please help me out anyway that you can. Please don't forget to tell your friends to visit A mass email, Facebook, or MySpace message works well for that. If you can spare it, please take 2 minutes to email your favorite local morning show to let them know about the Chicken Wing Project. I'll even write the letter for you:
Dear Morning Show,

I have a friend named Phred who is completely crazy. He is eating nothing but Chicken Wings for the entire month of January. You should talk about him on your show. I know that he would love to do an interview with you. You can email him at

Thank you,

Your Name

Also, the store has been completely updated by Chris Cassimus. You can now buy a Chicken Wings 08 bumper sticker, tons of different t-shirts, hoodies, and of course a really nice trucker hat. I am going to be making a bulk order tomorrow so any of my friends in Atlanta that may want to buy something can get in on the order with me so that we can save on shipping (plus, I know you lazy bastards won't order anything otherwise).

Finally, if you pledged money for the Wing Sauce for Soldiers drive, please remember to pay me. I am still owed about $50 and would love to see that money sometime soon. Feel free to call me or email me and I will send you my address. Or, you cal always send it to my PayPal account ( Don't make me start naming names of deadbeats on the internet for the whole world to see... you know I'll do it.

Phred Barnet

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Local

When I eat Wings with people who I've never had the pleasure of sharing Wings with, I always make it a point to ask them which Wing restaurant is their favorite. I love trying new Wings and I love hearing the debate that starts when someone names a place. I also keep an open mind in regards to my Wings and will try any Wing place that is recommended to me.

As everyone knows, I went to Dugans last week for some of my favorite Atlanta Wings. Several people met up with us and our Wings were quite tasty. During dinner, I asked Andy Pyle what his favorite Wings in Atlanta were. He simply pointed across the street from Dugans to a place called "The Local" that I have driven by dozens and dozens (did anyone notice my wing metaphor?) of times but never noticed. Andy told me that they had the best Wings and that I needed to try them.

Last night, I met up with a few friends and Bret Sanner who is not a friend. I decided to take Andy's advice and head over to the local. I arrived early and was given a menu which I inspected, looking for these supposedly great Wings, but they were not to be found. I know the picture below of the menu is hard to read, but try to tfind any mention of Wings on it.Chicken Wings were not to be found. Did Andy lie to me? Was he confused? Or was there another explanation? It turns out that The Local does not put Chicken Wings on the menu, but they do sell them. Apparently you have to be a huge fan of Wings to order them without even seeing them on the menu. I placed an order with the waitress for 10 Extra Hot-Wings. They took forever to get the Wings out to us (seems we picked trivia night to grab some Wings), but it was worth the wait.

There they are, in all their glory. Plus, look how nice that Chicken Wing Project t-shirt looks on me. Have you bought your t-shirt yet? STOP READING THIS NOW AND GO TO THE TOP OF THE PAGE, CLICK THE "STORE" LINK AND BUY YOURSELF A T-SHIRT, HAT, OR HOODIE!

I could tell just from smelling the Wings that I was in for a treat. The meat literally fell off the bone--it was that tender. The only complaint I have is that I did not detect a single bit of spice in the so-called Extra-Hot Wings that I ordered. Nevertheless, they were still DELICIOUS. They flavor was great and they tasted like BBQ ribs. The waitress informed me that they do a dry rub on the wings, smoke them, and then flash fry them.

During dinner, Evan (the only one out of the 5 of us to not order Wings) asked me where my favorite Wings in Atlanta are. I replied: "I think I'm eating them right not". These were the best Wings I have had since the famous Demetri's Wings I ate in Birmingham, Alabama. I only wish they had some kind of heat to them, because if they did, they would probably be rated as my favorite Wings ever. Still, as of now, I have to say they are the best Wings in Atlanta.

Good suggestion, Andy. I appreciate it. I will definitely have to go back to The Local and get their Wings. Hopefully next time there is some spice to them, but even if there isn't, they will still be delicious!

Where is your favorite place in Atlanta to get Wings. I have heard things from several people about "J.R. Crickets" (on spring street across from The Varsity), so I will probably go there next. I have also heard that Dantanna's near Lenox has great Wings. Let me know which are your favorite, either by clicking the "comments" link below this post or by emailing me at

Phred Barnet

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thank You

Much thanks to the following people for your donations to the Wing Sauce for Soldiers drive:

J.J. Slatkin
Dan Barnet
Bubba Berrier
Roger Brockwell
Homer Harris
Erik Quandt
Jason Riddle
Emily Marx
Ben Allen
Kevin Altman
Mati Toure

Thank all of you so much. I am hoping that all of this sauce can reach Phil and his unit by the new year. I think it was so nice of y'all to give money for this cause, regardless of your feelings on the war. In the words of Bubba Berrier: "It isn't about Republican or Democrat. It isn't about whether or not you support the war. This is about Chicken Wings!"

Phred Barnet

Wing Sauce For Soldiers

After plenty of lengthy delays, I was finally able to ship off all of that Wing sauce to Iraq. I had been waiting on my T-shirt designs and for Cafepress to ship me the shirts that I ordered so that I could send a shirt over to Phil in Iraq. In the end I received $120 for Wing Sauce! I spent all of that plus a couple of dollars on the sauce and I was able to buy quite a bit of sauce. I bought 35 bottles in all. Some of them were quite big bottles (there is enough Frank's Hot Sauce alone to make over 250 Buffalo Wings). As I said above, I also included a t-shirt for Phil. They were designed by Chris Cassimus. I am wearing mine right now. You should order one in time for Christmas from my store.
I had tried all of the sauces before except for one: Stubbs' Moppin Sauce. I have tried Stubbs' BBQ Sauce and I think its pretty good. Plus, I really liked the color of this sauce. Hope its good Phil.

All in all, your donations raised enough money to buy 35 bottles of sauce. Heres the list of what was sent:

2 Bottles of Kens Steakhouse Wing Sauce
8 Large Bottles of Frank's Hot Sauce
3 Large Bottles of Texas Pete
8 Bottles of Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero (my personal favorite)
4 Bottles of Texas Pete Wing Sauce
4 Bottles of Budweiser Wing Sauce
3 Bottles of Stubbs Spicy BBQ Sauce
2 Bottles of Stubbs Moppin Sauce
1 Giant Bottle of Tabasco Sauce

Phred Barnet

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dugan's Wings

As previously reported, I went to Dugan's last week and met up with a few friends/fans for some Chicken Wings. I love Dugans. I think their sauce is really good, and I was rewarded last week by delicious Wings swimming in sauce. I got an order of 10 of the X-Hot Wings and some fries. Here are my Wings below. Notice all of the extra sauce covering the Wings. This is how I prefer my Wings . I love to dip the Wings into the extra sauce, especially when it has a nice kick to it.
My one complaint about Dugan's Wings in the past is that they are usually small. Last week, however, this was not the case (not a straggler in the restaurant). I know the picture below is not very clear, but the picture is of Wingzilla, a giant beast of a Wing. The Wing is pictured right next to a pack of Parliament cigarettes. This Wing is as tall as a pack of cigarettes and at least half as wide in its widest parts.

What Wing night is complete without a picture of the boneyard:

Look at Jonathan rip apart a Wing. This final picture represents the one time I have ever felt sorry for a Chicken Wing. Wouldn't you be afraid too?

Phred Barnet

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Chicken Wing Project Goes To London (Virtually)

I signed into Facebook the other day and I had received this message from a fan in Great Britain named Richie Combes:


Good luck with the wings.

Please join the group "i love chugging beers and eating chicken wings REAL QUICK" and if anytime you are in london you can come to a wing and beer chug night as a guest of honour and sit at the head of the table.


Nice to know that I have fans in London. If I am ever there, Richie, I will be sure to hit you up for some Wings and beer!

If you want to join Richie's group, click here.

Also, if you have not yet joined the official group of the Chicken Wing Project, click here.

Phred Barnet

Check Out The Chicken Wing Project Store

I know its been a while since I have updated and I'm sorry. I owe y'all a few updates including a new poll and an update from Thursday nights Wings at Dugan's. I won't be able to get these done today, but I wanted to let everyone know that my store has been updated with a bunch of new merchandise. There are now new t-shirts, boxers, a hat, and a hoodie in the store. At least one of the hoodies has already sold. These Chicken Wing Project items would make great Chirstmas or Kwanza gifts, so don't forget to order one.

Phred Barnet

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Come Eat Wings With Me Thursday

Tomorrow, (Thursday) I will be going to Dugan's on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta to eat Wings. I will be arriving there at 7pm and everyone is free to join me. I first went to Dugan's last January during the Chicken Wing Project with Art and Jason. I love Dugan's Wings and as of now I would vote them the best in Atlanta. Are they actually the best in Atlanta? Meet me at Dugan's tomorrow night and find out.

Dugan's is located at 777 Ponce de Leon.

Phred Barnet

End Of Wing Vs. Drum Poll

The results are in (and very unscientific). The final results for the Wing or Drum Poll are as follows:

Wing--17 (32%)
Drum--20 (37%)
It doesn't matter. I'll do either--11 (20%)
I hate Wings!--5 (9%)

Now, some things to say. First, AMac voted that "she" hates Wings 3 times. This means that there were really only 3 of my readers who hate Wings. I'm guessing Phil, Jen, and AMac, but who knows. Secondly, the ratio of people who liked the Wing to the number of people who liked the Drum was surprisingly close. In my experience of talking to people face to face about this subject (and believe me, I do this a lot) I have found that people prefer the Drum by close to a 2-1 ratio, so I really have to view the results of this poll with suspicion. Plus, some days I have been getting nearly 70 hits, so the vote total is a little low. Please remember to vote once AND ONLY ONCE in the next poll.

Now for my opinion. I love both the Wing and the Drum. I really do. I do, however, prefer the Drum to the Wing. The meat may be less tender, but I think it soaks in the taste of the Wing Sauce better. I love ripping the meat apart with my teeth like some kind of caveman! And yes, the meat on the Wing is tender, but that doesn't make it better (in my opinion).

Here's something else I have noticed. Drum fans seem to be much more accepting of others' views than Wing fans. Heres how it works: if you tell a Drum fan that you prefer the Wing, you can expect a mellow response and it is likely that the Drum fan will readily agree to disagree. However, if you tell a Wing fan that you prefer the Drum, he will likely become confrontational, quickly. Many Wing fans simply cannot tolerate a different opinion on the matter than their own. And, this hasn't just happened a few times. This has happened again and again. For example, talk to Ben Allen and he will honestly get mad if you tell him that you prefer the Drum. He gets this look on his face like you just told him that he is adopted and that his parents don't love him and then he starts telling you how wrong you are and that the meat in the Wing is so tender. Ben isn't the only example of this. Wing fans are simply more militant in their views. I have been told by several people that the Drum shouldn't even could as a "Chicken Wing!" And, I got this comment on the Wall of my Facebook group from a Hagen Colbert (who to the best of my knowledge, I've never met):

"glad to see it' s that time of year agian.
Flappers all the way; drums suck."
This is exactly what I am talking about. This form of militant extremism on the part of certain Wing eaters is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

I love the Wing.

I love the Drum.

I would gladly eat either one any time.

I just happen to love the Drum a little more. That doesn't make me any less of a Wing lover.

Look for a new poll starting Thursday.

Phred Barnet

Lord Of The Wings

Ok. So the Internet is a weird place. Apparently, there are crazies out there who spend their time eating and writing about Chicken Wings... imagine that!

I was messing around on Google trying to see how high up my page comes up if I Google "Chicken Wings" (not very high---yet) when I came across this site This guy named Jeff goes around to restaurants in far away places like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and a distant, foreign land known as Canada.

His site is really cool and if i were going to be in any of these places, I would definitely have to take a look at Jeff's blog before trying local Wings. I really like his reviewing system and have been thinking of adopting a similar one (don't worry man, I won't rip your system off). Jeff also reviews Wing sauce and has recipes for making Wings at home-- including a dry rub recipe that looks delicious.

Please check out his site. I have put links in this post and also placed one on the side of the page under the "Friends" column. Also, look for an interview with me to appear on his site shortly.

Phred Barnet

Monday, December 10, 2007

AMac Reedems "Her"self By Delivering The Wings!

Saturday night I was given one of the nicest presents anyone has ever given me!

Ashley MacDonald brought me a dozen Wings from the Blind Pig Tavern in Athens, Georgia. She brought me Hot-Honey BBQ Wings which are my favorite Blind Pig Wings. As you all know, I have repeatedly declared that Blind Pgi makes the best Wings in the entire State of Georgia. Man... their Wings are sooooooo delicious. They are almost always (excluding gameday) giant and they are always soaked in tons of extra sauce which allows the flavor to soak all the way into the Wings.

"She" brought me the Wings Saturday night, but I waited until Monday just before noon to eat them. You would think that waiting so long would make the Wings taste less than great, yet they were easily the best Wings I have eaten in several months (probably since the last time I ate Blind Pig Wings). When I was done eating them, I seriously wanted to pour the sauce into a shot glass and drink it!

If Blind Pig were to sell their Wing sauce, I would gladly buy several bottles of it to cook my Wings with it at home.

Their Wings are definitely on the spicy side and are packed with a ton of flavor. I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Blind Pig Tavern makes the best Wings in the State of Georgia. If anyone out there thinks that there are Wings in this State better than the Blind Pig please let me know. I would absolutely love to try them!

Phred Barnet

A Double Dose Of Wings

Friday night I went out in Buckhead to celebrate Ben Allen's 25th birthday. We went to Churchill's which is right around the corner from the Taco Stand on Roswell Road. Taco Stand makes some delicious Wings and I would rate them in the top tier of Atlanta Wings. At about 8:45 Friday night, my official Wingman, Jason and I each ordered a dozen Wings from the Taco Stand. I got the Extra Hot Wings. It was a nice short walk to the Taco Stand and we brought our Wings back to Churchill's and proceeded to eat them outside.

As I said above, I really do enjoy Taco Stand's Wings. I gave several of my Wings to my friend Bubba who proceeded to accidentally drop one of the Wings on the ground (keep in mind if he had done this on purpose, it would have been a clear act of terrorism)! The Wings were so good, and after having only 8 of them, I decided that I needed more Wings in my stomach to offset the Budweisers and Caribou Lous. So at around 11, Patrick Craig went over to the Taco Stand and picked up more Wings. This time I split my order with Drew French. They weren't as good as the first batch, but I still loved them.

Phred Barnet

Friday, December 7, 2007

Why I Hate Ben Allen

I hate Ben Allen. Ben Allen is an evil man who has wronged me in the worst way possible.

I hate him.

This past Saturday, Ben was in Athens, Georgia which is the home of The Blind Pig Tavern. In my opinion, The Blind Pig makes the best Chicken Wings in the entire state of Georgia. Their Hot-Honey BBQ Wings are so delicious. They are the Wings that inspired the Chicken Wing Project. Anyways... I sent Ben Allen a text message requesting that he bring me back an order of Wings. I thought that Ben would be a good friend. I thought that he had feelings and that he was a good person.

I was wrong.

A good person would have brought me the Chicken Wings from Athens, especially considering the fat that he was practically next door to some delicious Wings, while i was over 60 miles away.

I would have brought him some Wings. I really would have.

To make matters worse, A-Mac (you may remember her from this post--she's the one in the brown shirt) sent me a text message just after noon on Sunday telling me "Ben is bringing you back sum Wings." Of course my hopes were way up until an hour and a half later when "she" sent me a message that said "Syke." (is it 1994? who says syke?)

Ben you should have brought me some Chicken Wings.

Shame on you.

I hate you.

But, I will forgive you today. Only because it is your birthday. Happy birthday man!

--Lets go get some Wings this afternoon man (on you--of course)

Phred Barnet

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wing Sauce for Soldiers

I have decided to extend my fund raising drive for the Wing Sauce for Soldiers campaign. The campaign has been a real success so far. As of today, I have raised $105!!!--all of which will be used to purchase my favorite Wing Sauces which I will be sending to our brave soldiers in Iraq.

I am extending the time for fund raising because I am waiting for my store to be updated with new merchandise for 2008 so that I can send Phil (my soldier friend in Iraq) a Chicken Wings '08 t-shirt with the sauce.

Also, It has been pointed out to me that I would be able to raise more money if i set up a Pay Pal account to collect the money. You can now send your donations to my Pay Pal account which is That is also my new email address.

I now plan on sending Phil the sauce at the end of this week, assuming that I can get a t-shirt here in time.

Phred Barnet

Google Search Engine

As I am sure that you have noticed that I have added a Google Search bar on the top of my site. I did this for two reasons:
1. So that you can search for the restaurants that I have described in my blog.
2. So that I can make money off your searches (the most important reason)

Now that I have this Google Search bar, there is no reason that should not be your home page.

Phred Barnet

Wings, Wings, and More Wings

I have eaten quite a bit of Wings since I last posted on this blog. January is quickly approaching and I know that I must train hard for the month by eating Wings frequently beforehand. On Saturday, I went to Publix and picked up a bunch of Wings. I got some Sweet & Sour Wings and a flavor called Orange Glazed which I had never heard of.

I like Publix Wings. They are always nicely sized and I enjoy their flavor. The Orange Wings were good and I would definitely eat them again. They tasted like orange chicken that you would order at a Chinese restaurant (imagine that).

Saturday night I went over to some friends' house to watch the college football games. Not too long after I got there, Squeak Alexander walked in the door with 20 delicious smelling Wings from Wing Ranch. I have been to Wing Ranch several times in the past and I do quite love their Wings. My friend Fletch and I split 20 Wings-- 10 of them Hot and 10 of them Hot-Honey BBQ. Despite the high number of stragglers, Wing Ranch makes some awesome Wings. They are some of the best Wings in Atlanta and if you have not yet tried them, you need to.

Last night, I picked up an order of T.M.I (Three Mile Island) Wings from the Taco Mac in the Virginia Highlands. Taco Mac also has some of the best Wings in Atlanta. I have been there quite a few times and have never had even one small Wing. The Wings are almost always swimming in sauce (which is how I love my Wings) and they have a great flavor. The Wings were so so hot. You would think I learned my lesson from my previous trips to Taco Mac.

Phred Barnet

Friday, November 30, 2007

Righteous Wings

Surprise, surprise... I had Chicken Wings for dinner last night. I went to Righteous Room on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta. This place was originally recommended to me by B.A. (more on him in a future post) in January. He suggsted them because they sell their Wings by the pound rather than by the dozen. I first tried their Wings several weeks ago and was not too impressed. I thought they tasted really vinegary and that they were nothing special. Last night, however, the Wings were delicious. I ordered them spicy and was pleasantly surprised by how much better they were this time around. The Wings had just the perfect amount of spice to them. I could definitely taste the spice, but it didn't overpower me or make me sweat (or cry). The Wings were all nicely sized, and even the smaller ones couldn't be characterized as stragglers. This is why it is important to give mediocre Wings another try... they could tun out to be divine.

On another note, please don't forget to get me your pledges for the "Wings for Soldiers" fund raiser. Pledges are approaching $100 which will buy a nice amount of Wing sauce for our brave soldiers. Feel fee to email me at for more information on this.

Phred Barnet

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Help Me Out

January approaches fast. In fact, It seems to be getting closer each and every day! This means I need your help in promoting the Chicken Wing Project.

I need you to do whatever you can to help me get some publicity for the Chicken Wing Project. I became somewhat almost famous this past January due to the Project and would like to achieve some sort of actual celebrity status this coming January.

I was talking to a friend of my family from Washington state who told me that he was telling someone at work about the Chicken Wing Project when they told him that they actually had been reading my blog everyday.

I have been recognized at a bar in Virginia Highlands.

But my favorite story of recognition: I was in Denver in June and I was talking about Chicken Wings (because I always talk about them) and she told me that she had heard something on the radio that a Wing lover such as myself would absolutely love. She then proceeded to tell me about a guy who ate nothing but Chicken Wings for a month!

This is all great, but I would like to really get noticed this time around. As I said before, this is the greatest accomplishment in the history of mankind and it would be an absolute shame if the world didn't find out about it.


1. Email your friends. If you have been reading this blog with any regularity, please send out an email to your friends telling them about the Chicken Wing Project. Please be sure to include a link to my new site

2. Call or email a local radio station. If you are bored at work, shoot an email to your favorite morning show and maybe I can get an interview or at least some free press out of it.

3. Help me find a sponsor. If you know anyone in the Chicken Wing industry, tell them about the Project and maybe I can get a sponsorship out of the deal (or at least a free meal).

4. Take out a full page ad for me in the New York Times. If you do this for me, I'll be your best friend.

Phred Barnet

Wings In Denver

I was back Denver last week for Thanksgiving. Denver is the city where I "grew up." Because I was not yet Wing crazy when I lived in Denver, I know very few places to get Wings when I am back. Saturday afternoon, I went to the Blake Street Tavern watch the Georgia/Georgia Tech game. The Blake Street Tavern is located near Coors Field and is a part of the Flying Dog brewery. I have been there in the past, but I have only eaten a burger. Their burgers are delicious and I have heard that there is nothing bad on the menu. My buddy Homer told me that the Wings were delicious and so even though I had eaten a few hours earlier I knew that I must taste these Wings.

I ordered mine Buffalo style because sometimes simplicity is the best route.

I liked the Wings. They were all nice and big (no stragglers) and were coated in sauce. They had just a little kick to them which went well with their nice buffalo flavor.

Plus, it was a great game and we ended up beating Tech (which my roommate calls "so gay") by 2 touchdowns which is over a dozen Wings!

Phred Barnet

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chicken Wings In Iraq

I am gearing up to do the Chicken Wing Project again and today I happened to sign into my MySpace account for the first time in months. I found a message from an American soldier named Phil who had friended me during the Chicken Wing Project:

You are my hero! If i could eat wings for a year, id be happy as hell!

We got em here in iraq everyday, but they are weak. Little to no sauce at all. They try and vary the flavors from spicy, honey mustard, bbq, and some other weird sauce from time to time, but i think its a cover up. The wings have no flavor. You should start a website to change this! Start a fundraiser to send some damn hot wing sauce to iraq to help feed these soldiers! But im only kidding. Im stationed at benning, but never been to any of the places you mentioned. i come back in march, so maybe ill try a couple of your joints.

Phil--I appreciate your support for the Chicken Wing Project man. I am glad that our soldiers can have Wings every day, but it saddens me deeply that the Wings are so bad. It is nice of you to call me your hero, but if anything, you are my hero. Stay safe in Iraq and hit me up when you get to Georgia and I'll buy ya a dozen Wings.

So, I have heard that there are ways to send care packages to our brave soldiers overseas and I think it would be a great idea to send Phil and his unit a bunch of good Wing Sauce in time for Christmas. If people can get me a bottle of some good Wing Sauce by December 1st, I will arrange for it to be shipped to Iraq so that our troops can enjoy some tasty Wings. My friends know how to find me, but other people can email me at for information on where to send the Wing Sauce.

Phred Barnet

New Poll

Check out our new poll on the right side of the page.

Phred Barnet


I just signed into the blog today (November 20th) and saw this post with a list of names of people to thank that I had meant to post back in February and I must have forgotten about it.

Thanks to everyone for their support! I have decided to thank everyone from the FaceBook group that I created by name. I really appreciate the support you gave me. I especially am thankful to those of you with fake names such as "Teen Wolf, Beef Taco, and Detective Cat."

Thanks to my Dad and Ben Allen, neither of whom are on FaceBook.

Thanks also to everyone who visited the site who wasn't in the FaceBook club. I don't wanna piss some of you off by thanking you and not others, so just consider yourself thanked if I haven't already thanked you.

Phred Barnet