Monday, December 11, 2006

To [boneless] Wing It, Or Not To [boneless] Wing It... That Is The Question

In this post I will address a question that I am asked a lot: will you eat "boneless Wings" in January? The answer I always give is a clear no. I consider myself to be a Chicken Wing purist, believing that only an actual Chicken Wing should count as a Chicken Wing. Let me be clear: boneless Wings are not Chicken Wings! The meat used to make boneless Wings comes from Chicken breasts. I do consider Chicken breasts and boneless Wings to be very very tasty, but I just do not see how one can consider them to be Chicken Wings. Just because someone decided to declare boneless Wings to be Wings does not make it true. Using this logic, I could even go so far as to declare turkey to be Chicken Wings just because I wanted to eat it in January. The truth of the matter is that boneless "Wings" are no more than Chicken fingers (or Chicken tenders) under a different and misleading name.

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Phred Barnet

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