Saturday, December 2, 2006

Thats What Friends Are For!

Quick post today as there is no real news on the Chicken Wing Project. I just wanted to thank a few friends for their help. I definitely couldn't have done a lot of this shit on my own so I am very thankful. Thanks to Chris Cassimus for designing a bumper sticker and poster for the Facebook group. Early next week, I will be checking about copyright laws to see if we can sell them on the site. Thanks to Robert Vaughan (Hawk, or Michael Rapaport--whatever you wanna call him) for helping me with publicity by inviting a bunch of people to the Facebook group. I also understand a Wikipedia effort is coming soon! Thanks.

Also thanks to Danny Rogers who was the original webmaster. Due to problems that were out of his control, he was unable to complete the website in time, but I appreciate the effort.

Finally, much love to Kien Arnold. He whipped me up this site and has been helping me create the bumper stickers, layouts and a bunch of other stuff that I couldn't do on my own! Without Kien's help last week, the Chicken Wing Project media effort would be seriously behind schedule. Thanks!

Thanks anyone else that I forgot!

Phred Barnet

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