Saturday, December 30, 2006

Irrational Thoughts

Fear makes a man think strange and irrational thoughts. This past Freday (many of you call this day Friday) I was getting a blood test in preparation for the Chicken Wing Project. Now, I have an intense fear of needles and was not looking forward to getting blood drawn, but I didn't think much about it at all until the nurse tied the rubber thingy (not sure if that is the proper scientific name for it or not) around my arm. When she did this, my heart rate surged and I started to get really nervous.

Terrible and irrational thoughts entered into my head. "What the fuck am I doing? This is the dumbest thing I've ever done! What am I doing? This is so stupid."

I apologize to the readers for publishing such blasphemous thoughts. Let me assure you that this is the SMARTEST THING I'VE EVER DONE and that the Chicken Wing Project will go on as planned.

Phred Barnet