Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I Ate Wings Last Night

Last night I went to a local eatery and decided to order a dozen Wings. I had been to this restaurant several times in the past and so I knew that I was in for a delicious treat. After looking at the menu for almost an entire minute, I became sure that I would be eating Wings. The only issue left to resolve was which type of Wings I would be eating. After another long period of thinking this through (this time almost 20 seconds), I finally decided to on 6 Hot Wings and 6 Carolina BBQ Wings.

Let me just say that the Wings were great. They had plenty of meat on the bones and were cooked to perfection! The hot Wings had a nice flavor to them, good and not too hot. And The Carolina BBQ Wings... they were glorious. I like these ones a lot. They had a nice tangy flavor to them that I liked ever-so-much.

Man, I love Chicken Wings!

Phred Barnet

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