Saturday, December 30, 2006


Sorry yall-- long time no update. I've been busy with work and trying to adjust to my new schedule (I now work nights--yuck!). I know its been a couple of weeks since I updated, but I will be making several posts today and will begin posting (near) daily.

I wanted to start off my return by making a Fredication to Mike Fletcher. Fletch was hit by a car 2 weeks ago and when I visited him in the hospital after that I promised him that I would post a dedication to him on the site. Sorry that I never got around to doing it Fletch! When I went into the room to visit him, he told me that he hadn't eaten in several days... and that all he wanted was Chicken Wings!!! You should have seen the look on his dad's face. Anyways Fletch is doing much better now and we are all glad.

On a side note, I will be working with doctors to create a Chicken Wing formula that can be given to patients in IV form so that in the future people like Fletch can get their Wing fix.

Phred Barnet

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