Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Updates--Almost Finished

In the last week, I have been out in Colorado spending a great deal of time trying to get all of the pieces for the Chicken Wing Project put together. A lot of this work has been done on the internet building up our marketing base. My friend Kien spent a ton of time building our website, and I think it looks damn good. A couple of small changes and it will be good to go. I finally broke down and went against everything I believe in and created a MySpace page to help market the Chicken Wing Project. If you are on MySpace, check out our page (the link is on the right side of this blog) and be my friend. I have also created a FaceBook group page to help promote the Chicken Wing Project. Please invite your friends to it! I have made a store to sell Chicken Wing Project merchandise, but I am having trouble uploading our designs. Please be patient. I am hoping that all the stuff will be available for purchase by the end of the week.

As you can see, this is our blog page. Not much here so far, but expect more frequent updates as January approaches. During January, I hope to update just about every single day. Expect our main site to have plenty of pictures and videos uploaded soon, and if you happen to have any pics or vids of me eating Chicken Wings, please email them to me:

Also, Google put up some ads which point ot excellent sponsors, so please please check them out (afterall, these Chicken Wings won't buy themselves).

I am trying to work on a deal to get some T-Shirts made in Georgia for real cheap (cheaper than on my internet store and no shipping!). So to all my friends in Georgia who want a shirt let me know and tell me your size so I can make an appropriate number.

Ill be back in a few days with another post!

Phred Barnet