Thursday, September 14, 2006

Welcome To The Chicken Wing Project

Welcome to the Chicken Wing Project. The goal of the Chicken Wing Project is simple: for the entire month of January 2007, I will eat nothing but Chicken Wings and traditional Chicken Wing side items such as carrots and celery. You may be asking yourself why someone would do something like this? If you are, then I feel sorry for you. Chicken Wings are undoubtedly the greatest food in the entire world. Several months back, I began to think about Chicken Wings a lot. Often, my cheating mind would end up fantasizing about them while I was eating other foods. I started suffering symptoms of withdrawal if I went several days without them and sometimes I would break down and cry.

The Chicken Wing Project came from a single thought which was so simple, yet so profound that it will end up changing the world as we know it: "I love Chicken Wings so much that I could eat them every day!" That thought alone led to a revolution in my mind. You see, I hate when people repeatedly complain about problems that they have, but refuse to do anything about those problems. That is how hippies act, and I HATE hippies. So, my profound thought led me to realize that rather than just thinking about eating Chicken Wings everyday, I should do something about it. So, while tailgating at a University of Georgia football game I made a drunken proclamation that in January of 2007, I would be eating nothing other than Chicken Wings. I received a great deal of support and surprisingly after I sobered up the idea seemed even better!

So check back often, in the coming months this blog will be updated with tales of Chicken Wing eating.

After its completion, The Chicken Wing Project could quite possibly go down in history as the GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND!

Phred Barnet

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