Wednesday, December 31, 2008


A lot of people have been asking me if I am going to be doing the Chicken Wing Project in 2009.

I am not.

I love Chicken Wings and I eat them all the time. I ate them Sunday, Monday, and today. I love them, but I don't want to eat only Chicken Wings for the entire month of January again. I especially dont want to write about them.

I know a lot of people want me to do this again, but I have decided on my own not to do it.

I am sorry to disappoint you.

Definitely not 2009, but maybe 2010...

Phred Barnet

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Me On The Radio

Wingman Jason Riddle recorded this back in January. Click this link and then click that you want to download it as a "free user." You will be able to download the file without paying anything or giving any personal information.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chicken Wings Again?

I know that I have not written here in quite a long time, but here I am now.

I have eaten many hundreds of Chicken Wings since the end of January when the Chicken Wing Project ended.

If John McCain wins the U.S. Presidential election, I will eat nothing but Chicken Wings from November 5th, 2008 until McCain is inaugurated as President on January 20th, 2009 with the exception of Thanksgiving week (November 24 through November 30th).

Why McCain? There are many reasons. I am not a Republican or a Conservative, but I do have my reasons for supporting McCain. I could get political here. But instead, how about you check out this video of McCain devouring Chicken Wings?

From the video, Senator McCain seems to prefer the Wing over the Drum, but of course I don't know for sure. What I do know is that if you are an American citizen and would like to see me eat Chicken Wings for 70 out of 76 days (and if you would also like to see a Wing-eater in the White house), you should vote for John McCain for president on or before November 4th!

Friday, February 22, 2008


My dad reminded me the other day that I hadn't yet updated this site in February. I apologize and I will try to give some updates.

I have eaten Wings several times this month: I had 22 Wings at Moe's and Joe's and have concluded that they are just "meh." I ate another 10 Wings with the "Aqua Teens" at a place called Burger Joe's. They were delicious and tender.

I plan on writing about my journey to a Sticky Fingers restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina and I have to tell you about a Wing related mystery that was solved while I was in Charleston.

I do have the audio from the first portion of my interview on the Giant Show and I will find a way to put it up for you.

Also, I just have to tell you about a group of amazing Win eaters--from the United Kingdom.

Please do check back. I'm pretty busy today but I will try to update again this afternoon with an article about one of the above topics.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Solution To The "Wing Hands" Problem

So, my month is over, but that doesn't mean that I am done writing about Wings. Keep checking back here for more Wing related articles and whatnot.

I received this comment from Paul Cassimuson my "Wet-naps" article:

"I've discovered that when eating wings, a beverage with a straw is a huge asset. That way, you don't even have to pick up your cup to drink, you just lean over and sip from the straw. You've posted pictures of people with "wing hands" gripping cups with the palms of their hands. I propose that we make drinking beer with a straw socially acceptable while eating wings to prevent the palm-cup-hold and make wing eating easier and more enjoyable."

I completely agree. Great call, Paul!

Wings, Squeak Style

Thursday night for dinner, a group of us went over to Squeak Alexander's house for some home cooked Wings. When I got there, he had the deep fryer set up on the stove which was the first time I had ever seen that. Squeak deep fried us up a bunch of Wings and we all brought over our favorite sauces for everyone to try. I brought over Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero and the "Carolina Buffalo Wing Sauce." Saucy Lady brought over a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's.

Squeak fried up some delicious Wings and he even breaded some of them before frying them. Those were especially good. Squeak followed all of the breading rules that I laid down in this post. I guess Kroger some chicken breading stuff that works a lot better than flour. I dunno... all I know is that it was really good.

Well, that was it. Nor more Wings in January. But don't worry, I have a feeling I will be eating hundreds more Wings this year!


Publix Wings Again

For lunch on Thursday, I went to Publix again. This time I did my Wings half Mo-Jo and half Mardi Gras. As always they were huge, delicious, and tender.


Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am writing about a topic that concerns me greatly. Wing eating is messy. Some Wingeaters are less messy than others, but eating Chicken Wings, especially swimming ones, is a messy game. I am a VERY messy eater. In fact, I have ruined two pairs of jeans this month due to my messy eating habits. Wing eating often results in "Wing hands," a situation where the hands are so covered in sauce that it becomes impossible to touch anything without messing up whatever you are touching.

I Some people clean their hands in between Wings. I do not. I think that this just wastes a lot of napkins. Plus, your hands are gonna be dirty again in a matter of seconds... Its like wiping before you poop.

And, even if you wait until you are done eating to clean up, you still can't get your hands completely clean with just napkins.

This is why Wing eating restaurants should be required to give out wet-naps with a Wing order. This should be a law.

Together we can get this law passed. But there is only one way to do this. On February 5th, be sure to vote for Chicken Wings in your state's primary or caucus.

We can win this!

Taco Mac

I went back to Taco Mac again. I had 10 T.M.I. Wings and they were great as usual. I just love that sauce. They have some of the best Wings in Atlanta and when I compile my list of Best Wing Places In Atlanta tomorrow, they will be on the list.



I swore that I wasn't gonna do it. I didn't wanna do it. But, the ads were so intriguing that I felt like it was worth a shot.

KFC has been advertising this new "sauceless Hot Wing" that the sell. The ads come on all the time and I was getting a little intrigued by the idea of a sauceless Hot Wing.

I do not like KFC. At all. But, I didn't think that the sauceless Hot Wings were that bad. They just weren't all that good. There was much more "fried" than Chicken and there wasn't a whole lot of flavor in most of the Wings, although a couple did have a small amount of spice.

I wouldn't recommend them, but if you crave Wings and don't have a lot of time, go for it.



Sorry I am so far behind.

I went back to Dugan's Tuesday night. I just had to eat these Wings again in January. I ordered 10 T.M.I. Wings and was pleasantly surprised. They were not swimming in sauce as they usually are, in fact, there was hardly any sauce on them at all. Instead, the Wings were somewhat dry and covered in spices that completely covered the Wings. They still smelled similar to how they usually smell, but they tasted so much better. These were the best Wings that I have ever had at Dugan's and I hope they always taste like that in the future.

Dugan's is one of the BEST Wing places in Atlanta. Enough said.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Livin' The Dream

This is the real reason why I wanted the pictures from Blind Pig:

If you can't tell what that is on my head, it is a Chicken Wing hat. The man to the left of me is named Tim and has been living the dream for the last 10 years. I struck up a conversation with Tim outside of the Blind Pig. I started telling him how good their Wings and sauces are and ended up finding out that Tim has worked at Blind Pig for about 10 years! That is so awesome. My only question is how he is still alive after eating their food for 10 years.

Tim bought that hat off E-Bay and was nice enough to give it to me. You are the man Tim!


Pictures From Blind Pig

I ate at the Blind Pig Tavern in Athens and wrote about their Wings like 10 days ago. Natalie Freedom took a bunch of pictures from that day and I finally got them, so here they are.

Doogie looks scary as hell:


Julia and I get down on some Wings:

Wing Curious?
B.A. and Andy like their Wings... Notice Jen NOT eating Wings:
Ben Allen loves Blind Pig Hot Honey BBQ Wings. He lives for them.

Wild Wing Reheats

This is what happens when you leave Chicken Wings in my fridge...

Saucy Lady left her leftover Wings from Wild Wing in my refrigerator the other night. They looked so tasty yesterday that I knew I had to eat them. I'm not sure what kind they were (they might have been Gold Rush), but they were pretty good-- as far as reheats go.


Righteous Room

I hit up the Righteous Room on Ponce again the other night. I have written about them twice before and including Monday night, I have had them 4 times. Of those 4 times, the Wings have been awesome twice and just OK twice. Monday night, they were just OK. There wasn't a lot of sauce on them and the flavor wasn't as great as it has been in the past, but all 10 of the Wings were very big. I wouldn't say that they were bad or anything, but I did not think they were as good as the last 2 times I ate them.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Project 9-6-1

I was on the Giant Show this morning on Project 9-6-1. I had a lot of fun being interviewed on the radio. They pretty much had me on there for the entire last hour of the show. Brian and Shaffee were really cool and funny (as usual).

Brian did give me quite a scare though. When I went into the radio booth with them before the interview, Brian was like "I don't know how familiar you are with the show, but I am going to do the interview with you as 'Banana Brian.'" For those of you who listen to the Giant Show, you know that being interviewed by "Banana Brian" means little more than being constantly made fun of in a way that is hilarious to everyone... except for the person being interviewed.

Actually, it was really fun and I didn't get made fun of at all. Jason, my Wing man said that he recorded at least the first part of the interview, so I'll put it up when I get that from him, but that may be after the end of the month.

They also hooked me up fatty style by giving me a gift certificate for 50 free Wings from Hooters.

Check out the Giant Show on 96.1 weekdays from 5-9 AM.

Brian and Shaffee--lets grab some Wings sometime!

Publix Wings

I did not feel like cooking those awful Wings from Kroger yesterday, so I went to Publix and bought 8 Wings. I went with 4 Mojo and 4 Orange Glazed. I really do like those Mojo Wings. They are so tender and packed with flavor. The Orange Glazed Wings weren't as good as they have been the last few times, but they were still pretty good.


Monday, January 28, 2008

I Will Be On Project 9-6-1 Tuesday Morning

I will be interviewed on "The Giant Show" tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 8 AM Eastern Time. Be sure and listen in. If you aren't gonna be near a radio, you can stream the show from

I hope they don't have "Banana Brian" interview me...

What Is A Straggler?

I thought that it was kind of clear, but a ton of people have asked me "what is a straggler?"

The term straggler was coined by B.A. and refers to a Wing that is super tiny. These are not Wings that are a little small; they are freakishly small. A Straggler can still be tasty, but of course, it would be much more tasty if it was bigger (thats what she said).

Here are some stragglers that I have encountered in the past:

The Local

I went back to The Local with my Saucy Lady last night. I just wanted them so bad. I got the Hot Wings again and she gave the Sun Dried Tomato Wings (their only other kind) a shot. As always the Wings from the local were awesome. Their method of smoking the Wings and then flash-frying them is the perfect way to prepare Wings. I still say they have the best Wings in Atlanta.


Landmark Diner

I went to the Landmark Diner on Roswell Road yesterday for lunch. I ordered a dozen Wings, but was only served 11. They were no good. Gross. So crunchy that Saucy Lady could hear them crunching from across the table. I didn't even finish them.

On an interesting note, it was the first time that I was served carrots this month. I didn't even eat them because even the carrots looked gross.

Don't eat the Wings there.


Wild Wing Cafe

Sorry for the long delay in updating, but I wanted to make sure that I had all the pictures from Saturday night before I posted.

On Saturday night, a bunch of us met up at Wild Wing in Alpharetta. I like Wild Wing but have only been there 3 or 4 times including Saturday. Its just so far away from anywhere where I spend my time.

When I went to Wild Wild last January, I noticed that all of the Wings were very small and decided that the next time that I went back, I would have to order a larger order.

I ended up ordering 16 Wings. I decided to do 8 of them Jalapeno Cheddar and half of them Atlanta Fireball.

I was not a big fan of the Atlanta Fireball Wings. There just wasn't a whole lot of flavor to them. Next time, I will try the Habanero Hots or the Braveheart Wings.

The Jalapeno Cheddar Wings, however, were excellent. I have never tried a Wing quite like this. It was a perfect blend of the Jalapenos and the Cheddar. Plus, it had a nice tangy taste and was cooked with the perfect amount of crispiness. I will definitely have to get more of these next time I go to Wild Wing. At some point, I told Jason Riddle (my Wingman) that the Jalapeno Cheddar Wings are "quite possibly perfect."

Atlanta Fireball on the left and Jalapeno Cheddar on the right:

Nick enjoys his Wing. Look at his Wing hands and how he avoids touching the cellphone.

Of the 11 of us who were there, 10 of us had Wings. Nicole did not. Look how ashamed she is. Reminds me of this pic from last year:
Jon Hopkins was served the biggest Wing I have ever seen. It is at big as his PDA:

I don't think anyone was ready for this picture.

Jason Riddle and Ben Allen enjoy some tasty Wings.


In your face, vegetarians:

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wings Express

I hit up another one of those delivery places yesterday. I was hungry and had a menu from a place called Wings Express. Wings Express is one of those places that delivers just about everything. They not only have Wings, but also subs, salads, burgers, wraps, Chinese food, Greek food, and pizza.

I placed an order for 8 Buffalo-Insane Wings (their hottest). I would have preferred 10 or 12 Wings, but Wings Express is one of those places that gives you the option of ordering either 8 or 15 Wings. Luckily, they were all huge Wings though.

I really liked these. I was actually very impressed because most of the time, delivery Wings are not that good. These Wings, however, were cooked perfectly (a little bit crispy on the outside and nice and tender and juicy on the inside). Plus the sauce was really good too. It wasn't really hot at all, but it had a great flavor (Sirachi was definitely present). Even my Saucy Lady who hates hot sauces and can't handle them was liking this sauce.

You can order from Wings express through Or give them a call at (404) 688-7818.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Neighbor's Pub

For dinner last night, I went to Neighbor's Pub on North Highland Ave. I ordered an order of 10 Wings half of them XXX Hot and half of them Caribbean. The Caribbean sauce is a buffalo style sauce which according to their menu is "a tangy blend of orange and lemon juice, accented with garlic, onion and spice."

The Wings were cooked almost perfectly. They were nice and crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. I really liked the Caribbean sauce too. I recommend these Wings.


Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero

I fried up more Wings for lunch yesterday. I decided to use Sticky fingers Hot Habanero Sauce (my favorite sauce) on my Wings. I did this for several reasons:

1. I had no sauces in my refrigerator that I had not tried
2. Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero is my favorite sauce
3. My refrigerator is full of a bunch of different Wing and BBQ sauces and Sticky Fingers Hot Habanero was the bottle closest to being empty

As usual, the Wings turned out great. I love Sticky Fingers.